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Technology Updates for Custom Printed Boxes

by William Gist

We all know that technology is changing day by day. We are very much advanced as compared to our ancestors. From science to arts, this world has progressed very frequently in all the departments. Similarly, now we have seen some amazing ideas in the world of printing. For example, the Concept of 3d printing has now been introduced and people are using it for commercial and domestic purposes as well.

Let’s discuss a bit about the effects of printing on custom packaging. People of the USA knows the importance of custom packaging for their items. About 30 to 40 years ago people were focusing on blank boxes and pre-made items as well.


But from the last 5 years (approx.) people have realized the importance of combining printing with boxes. So, now they want to see some special things in their designs. Many companies like to use gold/silver foil and many other effects on their items to attract their customers.

Now in the next section, we will try to elaborate on some differences that people have seen due to changes in technology.

From Screen to Offset Printing – Change in the technology

About 5 to 10 years ago people were relying on the screen printing for their custom boxes. At that time this technology was good for everyone. But now in 2019, this technology has been replaced by offset printing technology. For example, Quickboxespackaging.com is only one of the companies that have started using offset and CMYK printing technology for the people of the USA.



In this technology, the image is transferred from a metallic plate to a rubber blanket. This is the most effective way to print any artwork on custom packaging boxes. That’s why they use offset printing technology is rising every day.

There are many applications related to this approach. You can use this technology on multiple things including cardboard stock, Kraft stock, rigid stock and much more. Moreover, this technology has also be used on the tin and paper.

For instance, custom paper and Christmas bags are also manufactured using offset printing technology. Below, we listed some of the benefits of this tech:


  • The boxes that are printed by this technology are economical in printing
  • This technology is very long-lasting and attractive
  • It can print multiple colors and can also adjust the variety of the stock
  • High-quality images/logo can be embossed or debossed
  • Cost is effective especially for the large order quantities

So, we can proudly say that yes, advancement in the field of technology has changed our lives in positive ways. Offset printing is a blessing for all businesses, especially for small and medium business. If you are not using this technology for your custom boxes than its time to rethink your packaging design.