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Technology Used in Custom Packaging – Offset Printing

by William Gist

You cannot deny this fact that technology has changed our lives. The world has progressed so fast especially in the last 20 years. From education to electronics we have progressed much as compared to the past.  Although every technology has its own pros and cons mostly technology has changed our lives in positive ways. Here we will discuss the impact of technology on the field of custom packaging and printing specifically offset printing technology.

There are many printing firms in the USA such as Dukepackaging.com that are using this technology. Without further ado, let’s check out what matters.

Use of Offset Printing Technology on the Boxes


Although it’s a common printing technique but still many of the people are unaware of this technology. In this technology, an inked image is transferred from a plate to the blanket. After this process, it is transferred to the printing surface. This technology can be applied to various products like paper, cardboard material, tin and much more.

This technology was first used in England in 1875. Later on, it was used in the United States for various printing purposes.

Usually, after the offset printing on the boxes, the next step is the use of lamination on the boxes. You can choose any option like Matte or Gloss lamination after the completion of the first step that is printing on the boxes. The last step includes cutting (die-cut) of the boxes into various styles, shapes, and sizes. It also includes the addition of windows in the boxes. The step of pasting in the boxes is not mandatory for every kind of box but for some of the packaging boxes pasting is a must.

There are many countries that are using this technology using the USA. Also in Germany people are using latest offset technology.

Benefits of Using this Technology on the Boxes


There are many benefits of using the boxes with offset printing technology. We have listed some of the benefits that are given below

  • Offset printing technology is economical. So the boxes that are manufactured with offset printing technology are cheap in price. Especially if you are looking for the large order quantities.
  • Quality of the printing is best. Moreover, this technology also enhances the life of printing on the material
  • This technology is applicable on various stocks like cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, paper and rigid.
  • Printing on the boxes is very quick if you are using this printing method
  • This technology makes your box much attractive. So, there are high chances of getting more sales
  • Custom boxes with offset printing are the best way to create brand awareness of your company
  • Best for the commercial printing as their plates are easy to setup


I think all of these points are enough to convince anyone to use the custom boxes with offset technology. If you haven’t availed such an opportunity then don’t waste your time. Just hire a custom packaging company and start working with the latest technology.