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5 Tips How to 3D Print Your Own Anime Figures – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Creating your anime figures sounds exciting and complicated. But it is not a rocket-science that requires lots of effort and understanding. You need to follow some simple steps to 3D print the desired character. When you start doing it, you will do better the next time. 

Many people think that these 3D scans are quite challenging to create. But if you know various strategies, then you can succeed in making it. Visit littleyou.ca to use a great application for 3D printing your anime figures. It is easy to use, and within some time, you will get what you desire.

In the following write-up, we will discuss how to 3D print your own anime figures. Due to the technology advancement, it is crucial to learn a new skill and create out-of-the-box things. After practice, you will love this technology a lot.

Things You Need to Print Your 3D Anime Characters

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  • 3D Scanning Application

First of all, you have to click a picture or scan your face using a 3D scanning application. Many beginners use the application to get the model. You can use Xbox Kinect that helps you to connect your model to the printer. It takes less effort to prepare a 3D model of your face, and you can use it to place it on an anime character.

If you love action heroes, you can prepare the model of an action hero with your face. Many applications are available, which helps in giving necessary details to your face. There are two infrared cameras in Kinect with 3D space and scan depth. You can also capture the color in the image.

It gives natural and subtle lighting to the picture and makes your model great. If you want to increase the scan resolution, ensure that the scanning box is close to the person. You have to buy a USB extension to turn the monitor and scan your face. You need to check whether the device is capturing your face details properly.

  • 3D Software Modelling

After scanning yourself, you may get some issues in some details of your model. You can correct them with the help of software modeling. You need to fill some holes with colors to get the perfect print. Zoom the model and check various errors.

Consider the entire color data and use appropriate colors at the required place. You have to fill it to avoid any empty pixel. Before you start the printing process, you need to crop it from the ground plane. Remove various terrains from the model. Give enough details to make it look better.

It is challenging to get the desired model by using a scanner. You can use the latest 3D program for a better model. It is easy to define the vertices and angles of the model. When you are ready with your character, then you can proceed with the printing option.

  • Use a 3D Printer

After preparing a model, you need to print it by using a 3D printer. Make sure that you connect your computer system with a USB cable to the printer.

Follow the instructions for connecting and printing the desired figure. Many brands offer high-quality printers in the market, and you can purchase them. According to your skill level, you can choose the right device.

Tips and Tricks

1. Safety

Whenever you operate your printer, it is crucial to prepare a safe environment. In comparison with other electrical appliances, the printer is quite more dangerous. When you handle it, you need to take care of it. Take care of safety measures to protect yourself and your surroundings.

2. Never Leave Your Printer Unattended

You need to check the status of the printer. It is hard to detect whether it is working fine or not. If anyone put any body part into it, then it can cause severe injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain space between the printer and the people around it. If the machine is on, then make sure that you do not touch it.

3. Proper Ventilation

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You need to keep the printer in a ventilated space. The device releases heat and dangerous airborne. If you inhale it, then you can get sick. If you do not have any ventilated area, then it is better to open the windows. When the air passes inside the room, then there is no risk of any airborne disease.

4. Keep the Printer Clean

It is crucial to clean the parts of the printer. After every use, clean all the parts to increase their lifespan. If it collects dust and debris, then you will not get the high-quality print. You have to keep it clean and dust-free.

You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface and avoid scraper if there is any damage. It is possible to get a shiny bottom layer if you clean it frequently.

5. Use Perfect Scanning and Model Software

You have to research various scanning and model software before finalizing any. The interface and features should be easy to use. If you are not getting the desired model, then you must look for another option.

Many applications are available, but it is hard to detect the best one. It is crucial to go through the instructions and understand its functioning. Get the desired model with perfect applications.

The Bottom Line

Now, it is possible to print your anime figures by using scanning applications, modeling software, and a 3D printer. It is easy to create a small model of your face. If you like any action hero, then you can design another one with your face. There is no rocket science because you need applications and devices to get the desired figure.

Understand all the instructions and implement them by yourself. In the beginning, you may find it difficult, but with practice, you can do well. It is crucial to have enough confidence to design and create such things. Follow the tips and tricks to get the desired anime figure of your choice.