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Super Bowl Halftime Show Slammed for Being Inappropriate

by Elsa Stringer

Music stars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira stunned the world with their amazing performance during the halftime show event at this year’s Super Bowl, the biggest NFL game of the season, this time featuring Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

The two divas appeared on stage together for the first time in their long careers and put on a show for the ages.


They sang their greatest hits, danced their hearts out, and left it all ont he stage. The performance has more than 135 million views on YouTube and the comments were largely positive.

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However, many agreed their outfits and the whole performance were inappropriate. More than 1300 complaints were sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stating it was like watching an “X-rated strip club performance.”


Apparently shocked by the dance moves and the looks of the two pop queens, many parents agreed it was not appropraite for primetime TV that any child could watch. The unhappy viewers had a lot to say:


“Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show was extremely explicit and completely unacceptable for a event where families including children are watching.”

Another unhappy fan expressed their feelings on the matter, writing, “The half time show was very sexual in nature. I have never seen so many sex poses outside porn magazines.”


The “Me Too” movement and se* traffic**** were mentioned, and many called for boycotting of Pepsi, the NFL in general, the Super Bowl, and the halftime show. One complaint reads the following:

“Jennifer Lopez’s gyrating on a stripper pole with her butt and her crotch smack in front of my eyes, my husband and children was an affront to women and children and violates your rules. I will be boycotting Pepsi and their products and unless you can guarantee a decent half time show next year, we will boycott the Super Bowl.”


Another complaint says, “I am very offended by the performance of porn on a supposed family occasion. I will be boycotting the Super Bowl and especially the vulgar half time shows that have progressively gotten worse through the years.”

A lot more people were pleased with the show, as Super Bowl LIV averaged 102 million people watching on multiple TV channels and online streaming platforms. Although they were mad, the comments of these people are hardly comparable to the hundreds of millions of happy fans who support the two pop stars and the NFL around the globe.


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