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Your Special Style Of Essay Writing: How To Distinguish Yourself From Others

by Tracy Finke

All students prepare a variety of academic tasks during education at college and write an essay almost every week. It brings you experience, increases your writing speed, boosts your productivity, and so on. But not every author develops a precious skill to impress readers, make them memorize your essay, and truly get excited.

This is a real problem for many students. They are fed up with tons of homework and often don’t even have time for developing creativity. As a result, they keep producing typical assignments and getting typical grades. This is a closed-loop.

Why it is so important to be unique

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An ability to stand out against the background plays a great role for anyone. Just try to imagine how many essays your professor or teacher reads every day. It’s almost impossible to impress a reader who has learned by heart all popular phrases and must-do sentences. As a result, a student with yet another essay will be just yet another writer without any signs of character and creativity.

Hold on, don’t hurry up to delete your essays, and swear not to write any paper again. You can improve your writing style like a qualified expert from BidForWriting. It means you are capable of making your next essays exciting and memorable. Well, it’s not easy but a possible goal. All you need is a true desire to develop your writing style and improve your essays’ quality.

So first of all, remember that this isn’t as impossible as you think. Just work on your writing style. Experts in writing have several efficient ideas on how you can reach your goals. By using these great tips, you can definitely become a better writer.

1. Set your creativity

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You have only to start an essay and you’ll see how easy it goes. Most authors feel a lack of creativity and consider their ideas average or even stupid. But this is the wrong way. Don’t discourage yourself beforehand. You can create amazing content so don’t depreciate your opportunities on the preparation stage.

Experts recommend writing 5 sentences to cover your topic first and you can continue developing each idea in the whole paragraph. These basic statements are enough to develop your essay from a scratch without struggling with your creativity.

Ready, set, go – write the first 5 statements right now. Then let yourself build your essay around these statements. You will provide your essay with creative paragraphs without batting your eyelash.

2. Try 60/40 method

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There are so many great things already said. William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austin, and other legends in the writing field have been cited all the time. That’s because this is a win-win strategy to attract readers’ attention to your content and make them memorize your academic paper. If you don’t use this secret to write essays then try it immediately.

Here is a 60/40 method. It means that you can quote 40% of your essay and add 60% of your unique analysis based on quotations. Such a writing tip has 2 huge benefits. On the one hand, you can take advantage of beautiful citations of significant authors. Let’s be honest: well-known writers knew how to impress readers. On the other hand, you wouldn’t face a writing crisis. Just read the citation and add your thoughts on it.

3. Use unique questions

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It is said that most essays answer the one typical question “what” and don’t bring anything new to the readers. This isn’t a bad tip in writing essays online but it’s a very old-fashioned and simple approach. You can’t impress readers and make your paper unique if you use a standard writing scheme.

It is also said that good essays answer another popular question “why”. Well, this is not a bad choice. Such an academic paper will bring reasons to readers and may differ from other similar essays. But if you truly desire to develop your writing style you should better use the question “how” in your content.

Thanks to such an approach, you’ll have an ace in a hall. You can share your thoughts about the topic using unusual and fresh content. This is how the greatest papers are written!

4. Fall in love with the topic

This is a real fact: you can’t write a good essay without true passion in your heart. It is easy to notice that the author doesn’t mind the topic, mentioned facts, used arguments, etc. Your cold-hearted content isn’t capable of melting the readers’ hearts.

So if you don’t know how to write great essay then start with selecting an exciting topic. It must be interesting for you so you will share your interest and excitement with the readers. Your genuine interest and enthusiasm will create a perfect combination that will definitely grab and literally kidnap the audience’s attention.

5. Don’t be afraid to distinguish

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Your goal is to distinguish your essay from other essays. This is a very simple desire. But most writers are afraid of being different. They involuntarily prefer taking the lazy way out and writing an ordinary paper or order essay. This is your choice but let’s be honest: you are afraid to distinguish your writing style and your personality from others.

If you can take yourself out of your comfort zone, use your creativity, and level up your writing skills you’ll be impressed with your power. Try to make small steps and develop your confidence to forget about the fear of being different.

As you can see, your success in writing papers depends only on you. Choose the right topic, find your unique writing style, and keep practicing. These simple recommendations are very efficient and used by professional writers too.

If you need professional support you can always ask for essays writing help and find out new opportunities for your study. But keep in mind that you are capable of writing unique, fresh, original, and impressive academic papers! Let yourself be a writer that everyone will recognize.