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Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Fires Hundreds of Employees

by Nebojša Vujinović

English fashion designer Stella McCartney, 48, has faced backlash for firing hundreds of her employees because of the coronavirus pandemic situation.

The reason people are furious with the famous designer is because she has let go so many people, yet her net worth is estimated to be over £60 million.

Source: wikidata.org

Because of the emergency situation caused by COVID-19, McCartney fired hundreds of her employees. She has even warned those who remained that their salaries would be lower for the time being. Her workers are saying that such behavior is unacceptable and wrong.

Source: globalcosmeticsnews.com

Her most loyal employees say they expected much more from her during these hard times. She has not shown any kind of loyalty towards the people who keep her operations going. It will be hard for her to earn their trust back when everything goes back to normal.

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