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“Spiderman” Has A New Girlfriend

by Mary McFarren

For four years fans were wondering whether or not Tom and Zendaya are together. The couple was trying to keep their relationship under the radar despite the relentless rumors surrounding the couple. Finally, the public got the confirmation of their romance when they were caught making out in Holland’s car in Los Angeles.

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Some inside reports for People say that the two are together since day one when they met on the set of “Spider-man: Homecoming”. “They started seeing each other while they were filming Spider-Man. They’re both really ambitious and they challenge each other – but, most importantly, they make each other crack up. They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love joking around together. They have great banter back and forth”, the source said back in 2017.

Source: PageSIx

This was confirmed by the couple itself when they were captured goofing around in Tom’s sports car a few days ago.

Holland seems to be great with Zendaya’s family too since they were seen leaving her mom’s residence in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Source: PageSix

The couple has been exchanging messages on social media for years denying being more than just good friends. Let’s back up a bit and see how their relationship developed.

Back in 2017 when they first met and fell in love, the couple did their best to brush off the rumors about being in a relationship. When an inside source spilled the beans about the pair going on vacations together while keeping the romance under wraps, Zendaya posted:

And Holland replied:

In December of the same year, Tom and Zendaya were spotted leaving the New York restaurant where they’ve been dining with her parents. So, early on Holland made sure to charm Zendaya’s family.

In 2018, Zendaya stunned everyone when she showed up at Met Gala. Her, then friend, Tom took notice and posted a lovely comment on Instagram saying: “All hail the Queen. Killing it mate.” However, Zendaya posted a gossip-killer saying: “We are friends. He’s a great dude. He’s literally one of my best friends”.

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As the romance rumors in 2019 died out, the couple supposedly split and started dating other people. Zendaya went out in public with her then-partner Jacob Elordi. The relationship was short-lived and Jacob quickly moved on to his next girlfriend, Kaia Gerber.

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On the other hand, Tom Holland was seen holding hands with actress Nadia Parkes, making it official with his Instagram post. The couple did not last though. The couple headed for splitsville shortly after.

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For the last year and a half, both Zendaya and Tom have been quiet about their relationship status. Now we know that they rekindled their romance. The pair looked adorable, having fun, kissing, and caressing at the stoplight in LA. I guess it is possible to get out of the friendzone although you would have to be a Hollywood star like Tom Holland. For now, the two look as happy as they can be, and being that they are still young, Zendaya 24, and Tom 25, hopefully, they can stand the test of time. Not in Hollywood years.