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Make Your Hair Curly With This Simple Trick

by Nebojša Vujinović

Instagram influencer Justine Marjan has decided to help all of the women who wish to have stunning curly locks during quarantine, but cannot leave their home and visit a nearby hair stylist.

The dark-haired beauty showed her 365,000 followers a simple trick to achieve this timeless hairstyle. The only thing you will need is a slightly wet hair, and a pair of stockings.

Source: Instagram

She uploaded a short video tutorial which is quite easy to follow, and fun to look since she also sued TikTok. You just need to tie the stockings around your head and make braids, which you take off in the morning. That is all! You can see how you can have the said hairstyle in her video below.

The comment section is filled with grateful fans who decided to try it out. Thanks to their favorite Instagramer, they now have a hair that looks like it was treated by a professional stylist!

Source: Instagram.com

Justine regularly uploads hairstyle tips to her profile, and her fans are used to having the beauty give them advice and tricks to various makeup looks as well.

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