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Black Chyna’s Daughter Has a New Hair Color

by Elsa Stringer

In one of her latest Instagram posts, model Black Chyna posted a photo of her daughter Dream whose hair is now dyed blue. Chyna has probably had all colors and shades, so now she is continuing the trend with her young daughter.


The caption below the photo reads this: “Dream, wanted to have colored hair like mommy so I used @hairpaintwax in the color.” The post has almost 300,000 likes and more than 2,200 comments. Some people are praising the child’s look, while others think she is too young for her hair to be dyed.

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The paint is of course temporary and no damage will come her way. Chyna has over 16.6 million followers on Instagram, and she regularly shares snaps and vids from her life. Most of her content includes herself, makeup, and outfits, with an occasional photo of young Dream.

The young one was all smiles as she showed of her new style for her mom’s Instagram. She seems to enjoy looking more like her and having colorful hair during Easter, a holiday when everything is rich in all sorts of colors anyway!