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Importance of Signage For Your Business

by Tracy Finke

Signage is essential to running a successful business. It is any type of graphic visual display to purposefully convey any kind of information to an intended audience. They play a crucial role in marketing, branding, and advertising your products and services, and the business as a whole enabling it to be a recognized brand.

In every part of the city, when you take a drive you will be able to come across different kinds of PrestigeSigns such as road signs demonstrating directions to different destinations and what amount of speed to drive at. In workplaces, you’ll come across health and safety signs positioned in different parts.

When you pop in town for grocery shopping you’ll be able to notice different kinds of signage, detailing numerous discounts and deals as well as the opening and closing times of the business.

Why Should You Consider Signage for Your Business?

Normally, signage tends to serve several purposes such as promoting, identifying, providing information, raising awareness, and giving directions. Just to expand on a few;

1. Marketing and Advertising

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Primarily, signs are frequently used by establishments or organizations for advertising as well as marketing. Whereas advertising may often present itself as the evident solution for establishments, there are more ideal reasons intended that can be used for this purpose.

Another alternative successful way to advertise a brand apart from advertising is the use of outdoor signage resolutions and building wraps. Large format printing has progressively evolved to a point where wide vivid outdoor designs can be set up almost anywhere.

2. Enticing Customers

Relatively, retail and shop signs both inside and outside the business premises often attract business to an enterprise. Enticing customers from the outside is an efficient strategy centered on creating curiosity and cheering customers to come inside.

Businesses’ signage is usually an indication that customers are in the right place. More notably, if the sign writer has laid down the quality of production in their work, the business signage can make a great first impression of your establishment before the customer opens a single door or any kind of greeting has been made.

  • Identification

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Signs are often designed to assist individuals to identify and recognize a brand. With regards to brand identity, different companies over the years have devised recognizable high street signage as a part of their marketing and advertising strategy. Franchises similarly use shop fronts to shape brand recognition in their different locations.

  • Navigation and Directional Signs

Navigational signs are essential for tracing vast locations such as malls, infirmaries, and corporations. With these vast buildings, signs aid customers to locate the specific business locations and are less likely to get lost which assists in easier accessibility and easy running of the business.

Directional signage is ideal for wide-ranging outdoor events and activities such as occasions or festivals whereby there are several buildings or entrances.

  • Health and Safety Signs

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Health and safety signage is one of the main mediums of enhancing communication regarding health and safety information. They can be identified in various places such as government institutions, works places, schools, and corporations. Signs enlighten people on hazards or warnings which are important to safety.

  • External Appearance

Some of the signs serve the purpose of simply enhancing the overall look and appearance of a specific place or it’s surrounding with no intentions of marketing and advertising.

Some of the factors to consider when setting up different types of signage for your business include the following:

  • Wall Signs

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One essential business signage you might consider investing in your business is the wall sign. This signage can be positioned inside or outside your business premises or location. Creativity is a major factor when developing these wall signs for capturing the target audience of the customers.

You can choose a variety of shapes and sizes when designing the wall signs. The signage can be customized to any level with graphics and messages to suit the purpose. Subject to the information you wish to communicate to your customers and the nature of the business wall signs can be personalized.

Irrespective of whether you want to set up your business name, create tag lines, advertise and promote a new line of merchandise or product it is all achievable with the wall signs.

  • Pylon Signs

While walking or driving have you ever come across a brand logo of a product or service? Those types of signs are referred to as pylon signs. The brand logo stands tall with help of a pole for it to be visible to the passersby. The pylon signs can be used to put up a merchandise name, an illustration, or a tagline.

The biggest advantage of a pylon sign is that people can locate your business and easily find and visit you which is a plus for the business. It creates awareness and pushes the customers to your business when in need of the products and services that you offer and provide thus increasing the monthly sale.

  • Sidewalk Sign

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Sidewalk signs are also referred to as A-frame signs and are the most effective portable signs available. They are selected from different materials depending on which type of message you want to convey such as one-sided, two-sided sidewalk signs.

The merit of this type of signage is that you can place it at any type strategically in any location whether inside or outside your store depending on your business. The visible side of your prestige signage can have information and advertisements such as current offers, new available merchandise you’re introducing to your business, or more info regarding your business.

  • Roll-up Billboards

Another alternative signage is the roll-up billboards also known as standee banners. These are cost-effective signs which can be reused for a long period of regular use. As a business owner, all you need to do is set it up when you are advertising any new offer in the market or a special announcement you want to convey to your clients. The roll-up frame often remains the same. Since the roll-up banners are usually portable you can effortlessly place them in or outside the shop.

  • Way finding Signage

If you happen to have run a big store or a mall, informational signage should come in handy. As the name indicates it aids in giving people directions for the different sections of the store for easy navigation. The way finding signs should be largely written in bold fonts with different color schemes for visibility.

Key Takeaway!

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Branded signage is an essential part of advertising and branding for both the interior and exterior of your business. Eye-catching signage aid in enticing customers and making a great impression before closing a sale for the walk-in customers by giving them an idea of what your business is all about. They assist in creating traffic, experiencing referrals, and repeat clients thus increasing the sales of your business.