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8 Tips on How to Care For Your Clothes – and Keep Them For Longer

by Tracy Finke

The state of your clothes speaks a lot about your overall appearance. Hence, it should be your first priority to take good care of your clothes if you want to look good and presentable. This is of special importance if you work in a field that requires you to look professional and your best self.

For example, the corporate world requires a particular type of dress style, and in that case, wrinkled clothes won’t make it. The same goes even for other jobs and industries: you might not want to look your best, yet you always need to make sure that your clothes are in good condition.

So for that reason, here are some helpful tips that will show you how to care for your clothes, and therefore, keep them last longer.

1. First, buy quality clothing pieces

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The world of fast fashion revolves around our endless consumption. Although, it’s advisable to seer away from fast fashion clothes, for some people that’s not possible, due to many reasons. Yet, if you’re looking to make your clothes more durable, then buying quality clothing pieces will be the best decision.

For example, building a capsule wardrobe is a great place to start. The basic premise of this is that you should own a few items of clothing that will be easy to combine together. This is why opting for durable, well-made clothes made of quality fabrics is so important in this case.

2. Know how to wash your clothes

Sure, we all have our lazy days when we toss all our clothes into a washer and set the program to default, just to be done with it. However, doing so regularly can damage more sensitive garments. Therefore, it’s important to know how to wash your clothes properly.

Reading the instructions on the label is the best place to start if you’re unsure. Some fabrics, such as kitchen towels and bathroom towels, also require higher water temperatures and longer washing cycles. Being aware of all those differences can also help you immensely when it comes to the durability of your clothes.

3. Don’t over-dry

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A clothes dryer is a godsend for many, especially families that tend to do large quantities of laundry. But, in reality, a clothes dryer can damage your clothes, especially jeans. This is why it’s best to use the dryer correctly and, if possible, set it to a lower temperature in order to protect more sensitive items.

If possible, use a dryer for things that are too large such as bedsheets. In some cultures, such as American or Australian, a clothes dryer is a staple appliance in every household, while in some European cultures, such as Italian, a clothes dryer is optional. It’s up to you to decide for yourself which is the best approach.

4. Wash less

With the wide availability of different detergents and other laundry products, a lot of us wash clothes more often, which tends to lead to long-term tearing or damage. This is why washing less can be a sound idea.

Washing too often can also cause damage to the fibers. In case your piece of clothing isn’t stained or dirty, just let it breathe first in the fresh air, and you’ll be able to wear it at least one more time.

5. Be smart when dry cleaning

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This type of service is one of the handiest ways to keep your clothes clean. However, frequent dry cleaning can also lead to flattening the natural fiber follicles due to harsh chemicals being used. Being smart when dry cleaning can definitely save your clothes and make them last longer.

According to GreenerCleaner, the best dry-cleaning in Chicago, it’s important to let them know about the nature of any stains. This is hugely important as it helps them decide on the next steps. Determining whether the stain is solvent-soluble or water-soluble will also influence the stain removal method.

6. Use eco-friendly detergents

Eco-friendly products are practically a must if you want to keep your clothes for longer. Many regular detergents contain fossil fuel-based ingredients, which can harm the environment considering the fact that they’re not biodegradable. This is why using eco-friendly laundry products is a better solution.

These products are made of plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients. Plus, they often come in recyclable and refillable packaging, which is definitely an added bonus. In case you feel nifty, you can also make your own laundry detergent, as that will surely save you a lot of money in the long run.

7. Air-dry whenever possible

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As mentioned already, frequent tumble drying can cause damage to your clothes. But, the good news is, air-drying is always a great idea, so be sure to do that whenever you have a chance. Air-dying is also better for the environment, as it cuts back on your energy use.

So, if you’re looking to air-dry more, just shake your clothes once you take them out of a washer, and put each piece on a hanger or a drying rack. Sure, this might take a bit more time, but it’s definitely worth it, mainly when it comes to energy consumption.

8. Make sure to store your clothes properly

Storing your clothes the right way can be a huge game-changer. All of your clothes should be stored in a dry and cool space to protect them from dampness and mold. Also, the clothes should be cleaned before being stored, and if there are clothes that are “In between”, then find a separate space for that. It’s also advisable to use lavender essential oil mix to protect your clothes from moths. When hanging clothes, it’s best to use wooden hangers to protect your garments from misshaping.


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You deserve to have well-made, quality clothes. However, the way you treat it during washing and drying can have a big influence. Therefore, be sure to follow these tips, and find a reliable dry cleaning service in case you ever need it. Also, using eco-friendly substitute products can be a great idea, mainly if you also care about the environment.