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How Visual Appearance Is Impacting Your Brand Image – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

A professionally designed visual identity can make a big difference in the success of a company. A well-designed corporate identity enhances brand credibility and positions itself in the market through consumer awareness. This also indirectly affects the ultimate goal: to increase sales and production of services and goods. How to improve the visual appearance of your company in 2024 – we will reveal it in this text.

What Is The Company’s Visual Identity?


Each company should have its own identity and image. Identity is a set of characteristics that a company presents in the market – while the image is an impression that a brand leaves on an individual. In the part of the promotion where the product, service or idea is directed to the audience through the means of advertising – the most important role is played by visual identity.

Visual identity is a basic means of recognition. It is a set of all visual and physical characteristics of a product or service. The basic function of the visual identity is to enable companies to gain a competitive edge, to advance it and retain it.

Design As A Specific Marketing Tool


Visual identity implies the original solution – that is, the logo, design, color or font by which the firm will be recognized. It also implies all the unified promo materials that will be used in promotional campaigns.

The pursuit of media values has forced companies to rely less on conventional advertising methods and to embrace other forms of communication – such as design, propaganda, sales promotion, direct marketing, etc. Design as a specific marketing tool defines a product and differentiates it from competing products. Successful use of design can greatly help a product gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Well-Designed Visual Identity – The Basis of All Marketing Activities


Traditional marketing campaigns include:

  • Media marketing – articles, announcements, radio and TV appearances, etc.
  • Printed editions of materials – business cards, blocks, catalogs, folders, and other materials
  • Outdoor campaigns – posters, billboards, city lights, banners, flags, etc.
  • Digital marketing – it uses all the tools of graphic design, animation and video production and content that communicate with online channels, and lately, most often through social networks.

According to the client’s needs, the way of communicating the brand is defined. That also implies adequate marketing tools for positioning the brand in the market. The basis of all marketing activities is the well-designed visual identity – which is first and foremost unique, innovative, clear and effective activity. What more, it is recognizable and effective in serving sales channels.

Visual Appearance Is The Face Of Your Business


Visual identity is created by planned, coordinated action through the elements of the visual presentation of your company. Certainly, those elements must be aligned with the whole concept of marketing.

In business terms, the visual appearance is synonymous with a company’s ID. It aims to simplify and at the same time enhance communication with clients and consumers. Any type of advertising is almost unthinkable without the elements of visual appearance, as an integral part of a message or advertisement.

Elements Of Visual Appearance

Corporate design consists of several elements and graphic symbols that represent the trademarks and standards of each business. The most common elements of visual identity are:

  • Logo
  • Colors of the company
  • Font
  • Trademark
  • Flag
  • Slogan
  • Mascot
  • Accompanying graphics



Logo is the most important item of the visual identity of every company, business, product or campaign. A logo is a visual symbol that, as a frontal phenomenon – remains stored in the minds of consumers, which is its goal. It is an association with your brand in daily communication with consumers. This is why logo design and overall visual identity is a very important item in creating an image and positioning it in the minds of consumers.

Branded Flags


What is an elegant watch on a well-dressed person is also a flag pole for the company. The flag with the company logo will complete your visual identity. The corporate flag is a hallmark of the elegance, power, and strength of the company. It talks about the values that the company respects, shows the heights the company strives for in business. Companies that professionally print and produce branded flags have a large number of satisfied customers.

These are people who know the true values and know very well the impact of marketing on their customers. The companies that help them with branding, have years of experience in manufacturing commercial flags. How effective such a branded flag can be, click here and see for yourself. On the masts of a large number of companies proudly stands many flags they made.

Protected Color System

Colors are an element of your identity that never changes. They must be harmonious and clearly defined. Colors are defined not only by their name (gray, orange, blue) – but by the percentages of the basic C.M.Y.K print colors. or the PANTONE palette – that is, a color catalog where each color is represented by its numerical value. This is especially important when printing because only with a clear color definition – you can always get the same print.  An ideal example in practice is the unusual greenish color used by Siemens or the burgundy red used by Johnie Walker.

Typography (Font)


Font represents special letters that are mostly printed or inspired by the lettering of the logo. It is important that the font is original and unique (eg Walt Disney) and does not resemble other well-known brands. It is also important not to be too simple, but not too complicated, not to be stolen, copyrighted, etc.

The Slogan

The slogan does not belong to graphic elements and forms of expression – but it is necessary to formulate it and graphically present it. Otherwise, the slogan is a short propaganda message that affects consumers’ awareness in two to three words – and explains the benefits of a particular product, service or company.



Mascot is a stylized form, that is,  a character depicting some particular company. It serves as a synonym for a brand, or some event, for example, Ronald McDonald or chicken of the Chicken Burger.

Supporting Graphics

The accompanying graphic represents the secondary graphic elements that are part of the overall visual identity. Its role is to associate with the brand in the absence of logos and other basic elements of visual identity. It also serves to complement the overall visual experience and impression in a graphic solution – that the observer should memorize in his or her awareness of a particular brand, product, service or company.