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Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Sent an Assistant Into the Burning House and Then Fired Him

by Tracy Finke

Having a good boss who fully respects you and appreciates your safety is sometimes a luxury. Sharon Osbourne, the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, who we had the chance to watch in The X Factor, also proved it.

Sharon Osbourne was a guest in the Christmas special of the British show “Would I Lie to You?”, where she revealed that she had inhumanly treated her assistant during a fire that occurred at the Osbourne family home.

Image source: hollywood.com

As it turned out, the fire happened after Sharon and Ozzy left a candle on and then went to sleep. A fire alarm awakened them, and flames even burned Ozzy, so Sharon was forced to shove him into the fountain.

After everyone pulled out of the house, Sharon tore her assistant’s oxygen mask off his face and put it on her dog. She told the assistant to go into the burning house and save as much art as he could.

As the assistant refused to do so, Sharon became furious, “How very dare you. You work here, and you get more paintings out right now.”

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The assistant relented under pressure but stopped talking to Sharon after that night.

While Ozzy and Sharon were having fun and they were laughing, remembering the whole event, the assistant rebelled against seeing anything funny in the fire that happened and said the smoke had damaged his lungs.

Sharon said to him, “If you don’t think that’s funny, do you think this is funny? You’re fired!”

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The rules of the program in which Sharon participated were such that after the guest tells the story, comedians who are the permanent cast of the TV panel “Would I Lie to You?” And other guests in the opposing team have to guess whether the story they heard was a fabrication or not.

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To the astonishment of everyone in the audience, Sharon confirmed that her story was real, and in the studio, a confusing mix of laughter and disbelief shed.