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Russell Crowe Reveals His Morning Beauty Routine

by Tracy Finke

Hollywood star Russell Crowe is quarantined at home as prevention during the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems that the New Zealand actor is using isolation time for face and body care.

The 55-year-old actor revealed to fans on Twitter a small part of his morning routine. He posted a photo of him wearing a face mask.

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“Sunday morning rare earth cleansing masque. You’re welcome”, Crowe wrote on Twitter along with the selfie. A few years ago, the celebrity began posting similar photos on social media, often pointing out that he cares about his skin with various treatments.

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A few days ago, he sent messages of support to the people of St Helens during the coronavirus pandemic. Crowe shared a video in which he informs his followers from this town about Steve Prescott Foundation’s delivery service during the pandemic.

“If you’re in the St Helens area, and you’re having trouble getting food deliveries from your local supermarket, if you’re NHS staff, a key worker, elderly, isolating, vulnerable, call this number”, he said in a video.