Russell Crowe Confirmed That His House Was Hit by the Horrendous Wildfires in Australia

by Elsa Stringer

Russell Crowe wrote on Twitter and told his fans that his house has been hit by wildfires that are raging in Australia. He also said that he is not there, he is not in Australia, and that he and his family are safe.

The world’s all-time favorite Gladiator star was in fact born in New Zealand, but most of his life he has lived in Australia. He shared three pictures on his Twitter account of the fire. In one of the pictures, there was a property that was almost caught in flames.

The wildfires in Australia have been raging for the past few days and they have claimed the lives of three people and they’ve destroyed more than 150 homes, and have impacted more than 3,300 square miles of forest and farmland since Friday. There is a state of emergency in NSW.

Russell Crowe told to the people that his heart is with everyone in the valley. He also said that they’ve lost two buildings on the farm, but that they are happy that the animals from the farm are safe.

This is a catastrophic situation for the whole of Australia, and we hope that everything will be over soon and that there will be no more casualties.

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