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Ex Human Ken Doll Signs up to Be a Volunteer Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

by Tracy Finke

Rodrigo Alves revealed that she signed up to be an NHS volunteer during coronavirus pandemic. The 36-year-old reality star said she would be helping with various tasks such as delivering medicine, Mail Online reports.

Roddy, who recently came out as transgender, said that she had gained two pounds due to stress caused by the current situation, so she decided to donate some of her clothes to charity.

Image source: Instagram

“My new dresses don’t fit me anymore. From size 10, I am now size 14. I am very anxious and I also take a lot of female hormones that also contribute the weight gain”, she told Mail Online.

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Alves revealed that she originally planned to escape to Brazil, but she complied with government advice to stay at home.

“As soon as the lockdown was rumored to happen, I booked a flight to Brazil with my family, since here in London I have very few friends and nobody pretty much”, Alves said Mail Online.

Image source: Instagram

She continued: “I thought that being with my family at times like this would be appropriate, but then when I was ready to fly out from London to Rio de Janeiro, my flight was canceled and then I found myself stuck at home in London”.

“I have been keeping myself busy. I have a vast closet from when I was a man and a third of the outfits I have already given to charity”, she admitted.

Image source: Instagram

The rest of the clothes, according to Mail Online, Rodrigo will sell on eBay and donate the money to the “No Kid Hungry” charity.

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