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9 Creative Ribbon Decorating Ideas for Your Home

by Ingeborg

Ribbons instantly remind us of celebrations, Christmas mornings, and New Year. It is a reminder of happy times and family gatherings. The ways to make ribbon decorations are endless, it is only up to your creativity what you will make of it.

Of course, it is always good to check out a few tutorials and see how it can be done so you can practice and then continue upgrading the decorations that will make your home better and festive. We have a few decorative ideas that you can use to make your home even more beautiful.

1. Decorate Christmas Tree with a Ribbon


There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a nicely decorated tree. The ribbon is usually the best part of it. Choose the matching balls, figurines and try not to put too many things on it, because it may lose its charm. Take a few ribbons and decide which one would be the best fit. Then, you need to position it strategically, so that it looks like it hugs the tree. Be careful and assess the strategy a few times before finishing. You can also combine two colors of ribbons and combine them for a more powerful finishing look. Check out this article to find out more information and get ideas about the ways to decorate a Christmas tree.

2. Use it to frame the canvas


If you have a favorite work of art and you love watching it, but somehow you would like to refresh it, you can do it very easily. Choose some popping color that is in contract with the artwork. Carefully glue it on the sides or you can make small flowers out of it and put it on the frame with the baby pictures of your kids.

3. Decorate an old furniture

Sometimes adding an old piece of furniture can sound exciting. However, if the rest of your furniture is modern, you should find ways to make it fun and interesting. If the dresser or a table looks too plain, you can add a ribbon to simply make it more exciting and fun.

Besides, your garden chairs can look very interesting if you add a ribbon with navy details that instantly remind us of summer and tasty ice creams. Sometimes even the simplest thing can be truly exciting and nice. It will add a touch of romance to your evenings and simply look nicer. There is nothing better than adding a personal touch to your home with some simple details that will add joy and inspire you.

4. Make flowers


If you want to make your summer bag more exciting, you can use ribbon and buttons to create flowers. It is truly easy to make, you will just need a sewing kit, colorful ribbons, and a few buttons. It will be a fun DIY project that you can do with your kids, family members or to have a little fun yourself.

5. Create a gentle keychain

If you like to have romantic items in your bag such as a fine, gentle keychain that will complement your overall outfit, you can make it yourself. It is hard sometimes to find the exact item you’ve had in mind, so you can simply make it. It is pretty easy to make it, you can just use small strips of ribbon and combine them with some cute detail you will add to truly make it striking.

6. Surprise your daughter with a hair bow


It is a known fact that girls love cute items for their hair, so you can simply make a few cute hair bows. She can choose the color and even help you make it. It can be your home project that will help you bond and simply spend some quality time together. It can also be a great detail for Valentine’s day.

7. Play with making a bracelet

Jewelry is a very important component of a personal style of every woman. Making a bracelet can be pretty fun and you can make it exactly the way you have imagined it should be. Choose the suitable size of the wire, the ribbon you like, and a few lucky charms that will make it irresistible. The process of making it is pretty simple and you can enjoy wearing it in less than an hour, depending on your crafting skills.

8. Make wedding decorations


Simplicity is usually the best choice when it comes to wedding decorations. If you like ribbon decorations, you can decorate chairs and place a flower next to every plate. Also, bridesmaids can wear ribbon bows on their wrists. Small details like this can truly make a magnificent overall impression and the best part of it is that it is not hard at all to make it and it does not cost too much, but it looks incredible.

9. Wall hanging


Bohemian style is pretty exciting and reminds of the wild times and adventures, it is a connection of the style that is out of this world. If you would like to incorporate it into your home decor, you can easily do it. Just take a branch you like and start hanging your favorite ribbons to make a wonderful decoration. After you are done, hang it on your wall and it will inspire you every time you look at it.

These were some of the best decoration ideas with a ribbon that can be easily made. Choose the one you like and enjoy making it. It will be your DIY project that you can do in your free time and simply enjoy watching your work of art. There is so much potential for using a ribbon and numerous ideas that you can try out. We hope we inspired you to try some of the ideas that we suggested. They are romantic, inspiring, and easy, but each one will bring you so much joy while making it. It will empower you and help you boost your creativity.