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Ann Coulter Goes Ballistic on President Donald Trump

by Velibor Jotanovic

THE WRAP – 05/25/2020: Ann Coulter went ballistic on President Donald Trump. Among other things, she called him “the most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office.”

In the past, Coulter was a Trump supporter, but now she made a complete U-turn. What triggered her this time around was Trump’s Twitter post that called for people of Alabama to “not trust Jeff Sessions.” As expected, POTUS put his support behind Republican candidate Tommy Tuberville.

Ann Coulter

Source: thewrap.com

Trump’s tweet goes as following:” 3 years ago, after Jeff Sessions recused himself, the Fraudulent Mueller Scam began. Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down. That’s why I endorsed Coach Tommy Tuberville (@TTuberville), the true supporter of our #MAGA agenda!”

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After reading this, Ann Coulter went on a Twitter rampage calling out President Trump. This is how she responded: “3 years ago, a complete moron of a president told NBC’s Lester Holt, “I was going to fire Comey. … [W]hen I decided to just do it I said to myself, I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.'” BAM! SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!”

As this was not enough, she continued in a similar manner:” The most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office is trying to lose AND take the Senate with him. Another Roy Moore fiasco so he can blame someone else for his own mess.”

If you think that Coulter stopped there, you are wrong. This is what she wrote next: “Trump didn’t build the wall and never had any intention of doing so. The ONE PERSON in the Trump administration who did anything about immigration was Jeff Session. And this lout attacks him.”

If you want to see the rest of her tweets, visit her Twitter profile by clicking here.

Source: thewrap.com

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