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Uses of Rubber in Our Daily Life

by William Gist

It is said that the rubber industry reaches up to 500 billion dollars each year, and billions of different items are produced every year made of caoutchouc. Here we are going to talk to you about the uses of rubber in our daily life, and we are going to mention some of the most popular products made with this material.


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The first use of this list is going to bring back some nice memories. Do you remember the time when you were in school and you used erasers in your day to day life? Well, they were all made of rubber. One interesting fact is that you can easily make an eraser by tying several bands together or just place them over a lighter or a ball.

Ribbons and bands

This is the most common use that we all know about. Every person with long hair could not survive the hot summer temperatures without rubber bands. Nowadays, there are a lot of different sizes, designs, and colors, but in the past, we all remember the beige color bands that were used everywhere. In addition, you can use these bands to secure food or other objects.

Measuring tapes

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Measuring tapes are used everywhere, starting from our homes up to production processes and every industry that exists. These items are durable and can withstand high temperatures. The reason we like them is that most of them are bendable and will not break no matter how much we use them. As you imagine, they are made of elastic and they’ve been around for more than just a few decades.


Now let’s talk about something almost everyone has in their home. When you walk into your bathroom, what type of mats do you have? Non-slippery ones, right? Well, they are all made of caoutchouc and they are used to prevent any slips and falls. This material is used almost everywhere, starting from sidewalks, up to the escalators, and malls to prevent any injuries and mishaps.


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There are a lot of different stoppers and etolrubber suggests that they are used to prevent scratches, damages, and to keep chemicals safely sealed away. These small plugs and end caps can be put on bottles, doors and even the chairs and they protect both the product they are used on as well as the items and materials around them.

Dividers and cutting boards

The next things we are going to talk about are also commonly used in everyday lives. We use dividers to secure different items in the same drawer or shelves. Many people use them to make sure their books stay intact, and others just use them in their kitchens and to protect different fruit and vegetables.

The cutting boards are part of every kitchen and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. They can withstand high temperatures, and they don’t get damaged no matter how many times we slice something on them.

Automotive industry

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About 10 percent of all the materials used to create one vehicle is rubber and as you can imagine, all the small and vital parts are made with it. There are so many components without whom the car would not be able to run, and elastic is used because it is not only durable, but it is also cheap and easy to manufacture and replace when needed.


This is another industry where the rubber is used a lot. Starting from equipment, up to products. When you just think about all the machines you can find in hospitals, you will realize that most of them are made with elastic along with other materials. The next time you go to the dentist, notice that most of the things around you are made with this material. The bottles in which pills are kept have elastic in them and that is why we can easily close them and keep them secured.

Heat protectors

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Let’s talk about something that we’ve all experienced. How many times have you burnt yourself holding a hot cup of coffee or how many times have you used heat protectors to get the pan out of the oven? Most of these items are made of caoutchouc and this material is perfect to protect our hands, and at the same time, when you wrap it around an item, it will insulate it and keep the temperature.


Plants make our homes look better and they bring life to every room. Even though they look beautiful, most plants need a lot of care, and they need to be watered several times per week. Not everyone has enough time to focus on keeping these things alive, but what happens when you really love how they look and what to keep them in your house? Well, that’s why caoutchouc plants exist and you can buy them in almost every home décor store. They come with different sizes and shapes, and the only thing you’d need to do is dust them once in a while.


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Did you know that most parts of the furniture are made with elastic? Starting from the legs, up to the comforters, and our chairs and sofas are more durable because of that. You can even find some items that are solely made of caoutchouc and they are said to be more durable than the rest. Rubber chairs are extremely popular for the patio and the tables will last for decades.


Do you have boots made for the thickest snow? Have you ever looked at the soles of those shoes? Well, they are made of rubber and the reason for this is – this material is easy to modify and it is non-slippery. Most of the bottoms of our shoes are made with caoutchouc and there are even some shoes, like the flip-flops that are made solely of elastic.

How many items made of caoutchouc can you name right now? If you look around you, you will notice at least 10 different ones, and the more you look, the more things you are going to notice. Caoutchouc is mostly used because it is really durable, it is cheap and it is easy to modify. These products make our lives easier and they keep us safe and protected.