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How To Change Door Locks For Top Home Security

by William Gist

Changing a door lock is a common problem that every homeowner faces at some point. Usually, this is necessary is some situations such as when you move into a new home and want to be sure that the previous owner of the house won’t have access to your home, when your roommate moves out, after a divorce, after a burglary or in case the old lock is broken.

With the right tools, changing the lock is not hard. You simply need to follow some instructions and you won’t have to worry anymore about your home security. Further on, you will find out how to change door lock fast and easy.

Buy a new lock


First of all, you need to buy a new lock. You can buy a lock that is just like the old one or you can buy one that is more modern, as long as you’re comfortable with it and fits your budget. Go to the store or search online a new lock and choose the one that suits you best.

Many people who change their locks choose one that is similar to the previous one because it’s easier to install. But, according to city-locksmith.co.uk,  if you want to replace the old lock with a totally different one, you can contact a locksmith and ask for his help regarding the installation of the new lock.

Remove the old lock and deadbolt

Next step is to remove the old lock and deadbolt. First, you need to remove the screws with a screwdriver. After removing the screws, you need to remove the interior and exterior doorknobs and the plate itself. Finally, remove the latch by first removing the screws that hold it. Don’t forget to also remove the deadbolt located on the side of the door.

Insert the new latch, deadbolt, and lock

After removing the old parts, you can insert the new latch, deadbolt and lock. When you install the new parts is very important to use new screws because the old ones might be old, broken and rusty, so it is recommended to buy new screws. Insert the deadbolt in the door, the knobs and screw the new bolts.

Screwing the bolts into the holes where the old bolts used to be is the final step when you install a new door lock. If your new lock didn’t have screws, it is recommended to buy new ones that fit the colour of the actual lock.

Basically, you need to do the exact same thing that you did when you removed the old lock, but in reverse.

Contact a locksmith


If you changed the lock yourself but you notice that it doesn’t work properly, you need to contact a professional locksmith and let him solve the problem. He has the right tools and skills to change any type of door lock without damaging the door.

Also, he can recommend you a specific type of lock that suits your needs and offer various services regarding door locks, keys and other things concerning your house security.