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6 Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Bathroom in 2024

by William Gist

Renovating a bathroom is a big job in the home, which is not done so often. In addition to the installation of quality pipes, the correct arrangement of toilets – the choice of tiles is also crucial, because they do not change as easily as toilets. Namely, changing the old-fashioned tiles means removing or gluing over the old ones.

That reduces the space and makes the next renovation even more difficult. The bathroom is usually renovated before moving into a new space, and this job is quite expensive. Therefore, you should carefully choose all the elements and not make expensive mistakes. What do you need to know before you start this business? Here are 6 things that nobody tells you about renovating your bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Bathroom?


Renovating and equipping a bathroom is an expensive investment. To avoid embarrassment, it is a good idea to make a cost estimate. This will help you not only to better prepare yourself financially for the work but also to immediately understand which price category of products is available to you. Financial preparation is needed because the price of the same product in different classes can vary significantly.

However, experience tells us that each estimate is approximate – and we should always take into account that unforeseen costs will appear. In theory, we are all aware of this, but when we decide to renovate the bathroom, it is not easy to make a compromise between the planned budget and our wishes. Logically, no one wants to make concessions that would lead to dissatisfaction when the renovation is completed.

How Long Does It Take To Renovate A Bathroom?


The duration of the work depends on the scope of work – which determines the number and type of professionals that will be needed. You can save the most time by synchronizing different groups of professional workers – which avoids subsequent repairs of what has already been done.

The rule is that when performing works, you go from dirtier to cleaner works, from the farthest part of the bathroom to the exit. Time savings are also achieved by timely procurement of elements that are installed – so that during the works there would be no idling.

Pre-Work Preparation

Before starting work, space should be planned. Professional staff in better ceramics salons can help you with this. It’s because sometimes they provide a 3d bathroom design. When you have such a plan, you significantly facilitate the work of professionals and reduce the possibility of misunderstandings.

However, despite good preparation, it often turns out that it takes more time than planned – which can sometimes be a consequence of objective circumstances. For example, the length of drying depends a lot on weather conditions or human factors.

Things No One Will Tell You About The Bathroom Renovating

The bathroom is usually done before moving into a new space and this job is quite expensive, so you should carefully choose all the elements – and not make expensive mistakes. On this website, you can see the most typical mistakes people make. That’s why we wanna help you out with it. Here are the things nobody will tell you about bathroom renovation.

1. Waterproofing


Modern waterproofing agents are applied with a brush or trowel – and withstand pressure well. The mixture is applied in at least two layers, by overlapping the horizontal and vertical directions of application – with obligatory bandaging of all corners between the two layers. Waterproofing in the bathroom means treating the floor completely, raising the insulation to vertical surfaces along the entire circumference of the bathroom – and in places where the tiles are flooded with water during the shower, the waterproofing is usually applied two meters in height with the entire size of the bathtub or shower. Today, there are also water-repellent joints, which used to be a problematic place.

2. Tiles


It is important that the ceramic tiles are of good quality and you shouldn’t skimp on them. A common mistake made by young couples – is to cover the walls with floor tiles. Namely, large floor tiles are placed exclusively in spacious bathrooms, because otherwise, you will obtain a cave effect. The tiles are glued with adequate glues – which bind them to the plaster-coated wall. If the wall has been plastered before – gluing the tiles is more precise, because there is no risk of pulling the tile when the plaster dries. The most important thing for investors is that the glue holds the tiles tighter, and the witnesses are masters who remove old tiles glued with material much easier.

3. Condensation


Condensation is constantly present in the bathroom. Because of that, it is recommended to install wall tiles to the ceiling. The solution to the problem of condensation can be achieved in several ways. The bathroom must be thermally insulated from the outside. Then, the bathroom should be well heated. In the bathroom, wall tiles do not have the possibility of heat absorption like the walls in the rest of the apartment – so the heating effect is the same as if you were doing it with any heating device.

4. Ventilation


In a modern bathroom, the problem of ventilation must be solved. That means that moisture should be extracted from the space. For this purpose, we usually use electric fans. Many people use a window for ventilation and think that it is enough. However, it is good to have a window mostly because of daylight. After having a shower – the humidity rises to the maximum. If the window is opened, heavier, colder air enters from outside, which either pushes it towards the deeper part of the apartment – or leads to instantaneous condensation that occurs on all cold bathroom elements.

5. Moldy Tile Joints


Small joints on tiles are obtained only if laser-cut tiles with straight edges are chosen. If the tiles have rounded edges, the joint must be wide, at least two or three millimeters. The joints can be white or beige, but now you can also buy colored tile pencils – which can be used to cover old joints from which mold cannot be removed.

6. Heating


Today, the floor heating system is more and more present, for which the bathroom is simply perfect. Underfloor heating also dries water that may appear on the floor, which reduces the risk of slipping. There are also tiles with anti-slip finish. As an anti-slip aid, it would be wise to install holding handles when entering and exiting the bathtub, as well as a shower cabin where the height of the entry threshold is significantly lower than with classic bathtubs. This is especially important when you enter certain years.

Conclusion: Don’t Make A Boring Bathroom


And the bathroom should have some detail that reflects the spirit of the tenant. For example, patchwork is a great way to go cheap and make something unique. Combining different tiles, among which some unique items bought abroad will be inserted, will never go out of fashion.