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The 3 Pros and 3 Cons of Online Flower Delivery Services – 2024 Guide

by Jovica Radulovich

The flower industry is finding cool and creative ways to get in touch with customers that don’t necessarily want to head out for flower shopping.

And one of the most innovative methods of selling flowers nowadays is through online delivery services. It’s no secret that the online world has become a sensation now that the country is experiencing certain problems.

Business owners that don’t have to rely on their physical store being opened can migrate to the online world; and let’s not kid ourselves, this is highly profitable.

Online flower delivery services do a vital role for you; they will deliver your blooms right to your doorstep. This might sound insignificant to some of you, but the market is huge and the demand certainly is there.

That’s why we’ve decided to give you our 6 pros and cons of online flower delivery services. This article will serve as your 2024 guide on the matter, so don’t go anywhere.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Pro: Convenience

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It’s no secret that convenience is a highly sought-after business trait that many seek to achieve. But owning a convenient business model or being flexible enough to transition to something more convenient is a rare thing.

Luckily for flower fanatics, flower delivery services are very convenient. It’s the same as any other industry that revolves around online purchasing.

You find a flower seller like floraly.com.au , you create an order, and they will have your choice of blooms delivered straight to your doorstep. With that said, some won’t offer overseas shipping of flowers to your country, but we’re betting on the idea that there are plenty of services in your home country for it.

The convenience factor stems from the fact that you don’t have to go out and buy the blooms yourself. We know it can be a hassle sometimes, and this is a great way to save yourself from the trouble of doing just that.

Cons: Shipping Costs

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Now, when it comes to the cons of such businesses, the shipping costs are an obvious first answer that we have to dwell in deeper. Make no mistake about it, shipping costs can be a nightmare to deal with, especially considering the fact that you’re dealing with something that doesn’t last forever.

Delivering flowers might involve shipping costs if you happened to live in another state. While this doesn’t have to mean that, it’s pretty normal to expect your flower delivery service of choice to include shipping costs.

If so, then do know you will be paying more for your flowers. But the idea behind it is that you’re saving time, money on gas, and plenty of energy just by making an online purchase.

Some do consider the shipping costs to be an obvious con, while others look at it differently.

Pro: Capitalize on Seasonal Blooms

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There is no better way to get your seasonal blooms than to buy them the first moment they become available. And what better way to make a hasty purchase than to go through flower delivery services?

Many of these services specialize in providing your season blooms the moment they become available. And there is a great article on the matter from cutflowers.net.au that you can take a look at.

The reason why using an online flower delivery service is better for getting the latest seasonal blooms is all down to the fact that you know exactly when they’ll be available. You also know exactly the type of flower that will soon ship throughout the country.

If we didn’t have the online world as an option then how would we have known what our local floweriest has in store? Sure, we can give them a call, but that’s the beauty of online selling.

Cons: Wait Times

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If your local online flower delivery service is quite the busy bee, then chances are you will experience wait times as you make your online purchase.

There is nothing wrong with wait times, as we usually wait in line while in the store. But what makes this a problem is the fact that you’re making an online purchase that doesn’t require a person to physically approve the transaction.

So wait times can be a real hassle to deal with when making an online purchase. While these services make it hassle-free to order, you will have to wait for the blooms to actually arrive.

These businesses will usually tell you how long it will take for your rose bouquet to arrive, but you’ll still experience wait times.

Pro: Cost Effectiveness

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Online shopping is much more cost-effective than going to a physical store and making a purchase; if you know how to play your cards rights.

The great thing about making any sort of purchase through the online world is that this space operates very much different than the physical.

In order for business owners to create an incentive for their customers to make online purchases, they need to give them something in return.

And in most cases, you will find flowers at a much cheaper cost or you’ll find them on sale. This is the incentive that the business owner uses so you would be more motivated to make an online purchase.

This also makes the entire thing very cost-effective for you, the buyer.

If there are increased demands for a particular flower, then there won’t be any discounts, But if a particular bloom is having a hard time selling, then do know you’ll get it a much cheaper price.

Con: Mistakes

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It goes without saying that mistakes can happen throughout the purchasing and delivery process.

This is, quite possibly, the biggest con out there when it comes to ordering your flowers through delivery services. Some of the more common mistakes include delivery to a wrong address, wrong items delivered, and the delivery even not making it to your address.

These are all mistakes that take time to eradicate as we find a more perfect way of online shopping and shipping. In the meantime, be aware that mistakes can happen.