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9 Plumbing Nightmares To Avoid When Remodelling A Bathroom

by Rhydian Choi

Are you considering remodelling your bathroom? Well, there are a lot of mistakes that you may make that can lead to mishaps and blunders. This article will help you to avoid them next time.

Whether you call it a guilty pleasure or a fondness, everybody has a dream bathroom. The bathroom is where you go after your hectic schedule to relax and freshen up. Everybody has their own needs and likes, and it should be designed accordingly. Apart from the basic structure, you are flexible to mould your bathroom as you like. For doing your bathroom remodelling and plumbing services, you can hire trusted companies like HedlundPlumbing.

Although exciting, renovating your bathroom is more complex than remodelling the rest of the rooms in your home. While remodelling your bathroom, even though you hire professionals, there are some nightmares you’ll like to avoid. Follow through the article to know precisely what mistakes should not happen during renovation.

9 nightmare that you would like to avoid while remodelling a bathroom

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1. Not Imagining The Design Before Implementation

The design that you plan is an essential part. The way your bathroom will look depends on the blueprint you have decided on. Not Utilizing the digital tools available to you would be a mistake since technological advances have made it even simpler to thoroughly plan your bathroom renovation. Through digital drawings, you can create exact replicas of how it will look after renovation beforehand. This will help you visualize the entire design. It is important. If you ignore it, making changes later would cost a lot of money.

2. Not Deciding On A Solid Budget

Any renovation project’s budget is prone to underestimation. Estimates should be made for the cost of stone, tile, plumbing, labour for installation and construction, etc. the end cost may vary from what you had in mind. Hence, you must know all the market rates and ensure that the contractor is working within your limits. Not deciding on a budget or underestimating it can indeed be a nightmare.

3. Changing The Original Setup Of The Toilet, Tub, Etc.

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You can either make minor changes or redesign the bathroom completely. Major renovations resemble moving important water and waste systems. Your electrical and plumbing systems are already in place, and moving them involves a number of complicated steps. There are a lot of mishaps and mistakes that can happen during this process. Thus, it would be better if you avoid changing the primary setups, like the sink, tub, toilet, etc.

4. Not Planning The Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted faucets are essential, especially for smaller areas. They also add to the aesthetics of the bathroom. Inadequate planning may cause the spout to be either too low or too high. The positioning and sizes should be well-designed before so that the arrangements are made before the finishing touches. Later changes may look very unclean, and the corrections are visible.

In case you decide to install wall-mounted faucets, its crucial to hire a professional, and in that case search plumber Sydney. Their expertise ensures correct placement, preventing issues like water splashing or difficulty in use. A professional plumber will measure accurately and advise on the best faucet height and reach for your sink. This not only guarantees functionality but also preserves the sleek look of your bathroom. Doing it yourself might lead to costly mistakes, requiring more work and expense to fix. Trust a professional for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing installation.

5. Choosing The Inappropriate Paint

The paint that is the colour of your walls adds a lot to the beauty of the room. You must be very careful while deciding on the right and suitable colour for your bathroom walls. If not appropriately chosen, it may prove to be a nightmare. Along with the colour, the texture and finish are also equally important. There is a matt finish, high and semi-glossy finish, etc. Most experts recommend eggshell finish suitable for bathroom walls as they retain moisture well.

6. Not Properly Fitting The Tiles

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That is another major mistake that tends to happen in order to save some money. But you may end up spending double later due to the temporary fixes. It is a grievous mistake to lay bathroom tile over existing tile or wood panelling. Proper tiling of the floor must be done. It takes four days to tile a room, and there are many steps to follow. However, if you don’t follow them all, you’ll run into serious issues later.

7. Buying All The Required Materials And Good Yourself

You may think buying the goods yourself can save money, but if you let the contractor itself buy everything, they will get the exact quantities and of the right quality as they know exactly what is needed. Then they are also accountable if there is a problem with the order. Any savings made from DIY purchases will be lost if they lead to errors that necessitate changes later.

8. Not Having A Proper Ventilation System

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Ventilation is very important, especially in bathrooms. Without adequate ventilation, moisture and humidity will cause problems with the finishes and materials of your newly remodelled bathroom. Ensure that you buy a ventilation fan that is appropriate for the bathroom’s square footage. If your bathroom is of a larger size, you can also go for more than one fan.

9. Not Planning The Outlets And The Furniture

The outlets of all the water systems should be planned. Forgetting the organization may not be good on your part. You also require to organize a little furniture in your bathroom. Mainly drawers. Curling irons, Blow dryers, and other bathroom essentials can be stored in removable drawers and drawers with compartments. Suitable cabinets ensure that all your items are inside the cupboard and keep the place tidy.

So these were a few mistakes that you must avoid while remodelling your bathrooms. Whether you are doing it DIY or hiring a professional, minute mistakes tend to happen, but with proper planning and supervision, they can be avoided.


Those mentioned above are a few nightmares that you would not want to have. You must be very careful while restructuring and modelling your restrooms. It should be done according to your requirements and what you like but keep in mind the basic structure of the bathroom. A few of them are proper tilling of the floor, ventilation systems, enough cabinets, suitable paint, not changing the basic structure, etc.

If you follow these basic rules, you will end up getting a much better and more cost-effective bathroom. It may not reduce your current expenses, but it will reduce your future expenses on fixtures and changes.