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10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good for You

by Elsa Stringer

Technology has introduced the world to augmented and virtual reality. Through this technique, we are making the best use of everything available to us in the gaming world. You can get ready to have an experience like never before for which you can read more about what the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare carry. Gaming is a joyful experience that you can have, and the following points will throw light on the ten reasons why video games are good for you.

1. Video games help make you feel young:


The gaming world is open for all age groups and enables an individual to recall the good old days when he or she was young. With time, everyone gets aged, and the desire to be young increases. With maturity on its peak, there is a reason why elders drive at 20kmph even though the speed limit is 45kmph.

However, to increase enthusiasm and slow down aging, the studies suggest people to play their favorite video games. The whole scenario encourages exercising the brain to make it stay sharper. The best gaming options will be sudoku and crossword.

2. Video games improve decision-making skills:


When we play games, there are many decisions that we need to take by analyzing the scenario. Shawn Green from the University of Rochester, researched and wanted to see what affects does gaming has on decision-making skills. Young adults with no gaming experience were involved in the situation and made to play a game for 50 minutes.

The second group played a slow-paced strategy game. After the study got completed, Shawn had all the right things to say. Taking the example of what Call of Duty Warfare carries, the shooting skills were enhanced, finally supporting the improvement in decision-making skills.

3. Video games can help you increase your eyesight:

We come across a myth where some say that children tend to lose sight due to playing video games. Without any proof, your parents must have said that “you will go blind if you play too many video games.” According to a study, two groups of people participated in playing a shooting game.

The results showed that people shooting as a first-person shooter revealed signs of better vision. It concluded that action games help to increase the contrast sensitivity function.

4. Video games enhance your learning skills:

While playing a game, the brain’s complete involvement suggests that it is growing and working. Firstly, you will have to figure out how a game works, and to do so; your mind will actively participate. You will build new connections to understand the game and its strategies with focus. The central part is motivation while playing a game.

The curiosity that you have while playing, will activate your brain cells and make it work more. While playing Call of Duty Warfare, you will come across stages that will enhance your learning skills and increase the motivation level.

5. Video games can act as a stress and anxiety reliever:


In the hustle and bustle of life, people do not get enough time to take care of themselves. So, the only option left to divert the mind is by playing video games.

According to psychiatrists, playing games that excite, you will help in relieving stress and anxiety and improving your mood. It is indeed the best way to unwind and relax after or during a hectic day at work. Games can be therapeutic for individuals, and therefore doctors recommend it more often.

6. Visual technology can increase physical activities:

The most significant benefit to mention is physical fitness by playing video games. With the advancements in technology, we come across many fitness video games that help us involve to get a workout session.

One of the best examples will be long tennis games and dance revolution games available with the latest techniques. These games require the person to participate by getting up and getting active. Therefore, the games are healthy for people, even if they do not get time to go to the gym.

7. Video games tend to boost creativity:

Another health benefit associated with video games is a boost in creativity. We all must know that fast-paced games involve strategic playing that encourages players to think differently.

These games also include multitasking abilities, further contributing to an increase in the creativity level. You will come across gamers to be more creative than healthy individuals. They will implement their gaming skills in real life, making it exciting and enthusiastic.

8. Video games increase the concentration level:


Brainstorming games require a lot of concentration, further encouraging a gamer to increase the skills. Whenever we play puzzles, we need to focus on the game and look for all the possibilities that we can have.

Also, we need to concentrate on the moves and recall them whenever necessary. Sometimes, sports have secret codes that they disclose while playing, and you need to identify them through applying focus.

9. Video games encourage social skills:

When children play more friendly games, they tend to have a happier outlook. When these children have to deal with social situations, they will be more helpful, friendly, and less likely to misbehave.

The games that involve a defense mechanism encourage individuals to play as a team. When they implement it in real life, situations yield positive results.

10. Video games help to increase hand-eye coordination:


Many professions demand accurate hand-eye coordination, especially when it comes to the medical field. A surgeon needs to have this coordination while operating. Virtual training is a vital source for surgeons to perform tasks efficiently. In a study, three groups were involved: high school children, college students, and medical residents.

To a shock, the high school students performed the best. The medical residents do not have time to play, and on the contrary, high school children had to play for straight two hours. The study showed signs of hand-eye coordination more in gamers.

Conclusively, if not complete, video games do have a positive impact on gamers, and the points mentioned above are enough to support this fact. If all this inspired you to maybe do a video game degree, you can check out collegerank.net for some opportunities.