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Is Apex Legends Still Worth Playing In 2024

by Tracy Finke

Since there are many games that are similar, you may have a hard time choosing which one to play, or which one suits your style most. That is basically determined by the style that you are playing or the graphics that you enjoy. Some people like games that are more real, and some like the cartoony feel or a fantasy one. Depending on your style, whether you like to play slow, hide, and then shoot and do your best, or you play fast and you want a fast tempo one, you should choose your game according to that.

Apex legends is relatively a new game, that was created a few years back. It is a game where you have to beat everyone and be the last one to survive, so you win that game. There are many things that you can do and many characters to choose from so it does not become boring. The game had its ups and downs, but they are always trying to improve it so you can enjoy it more. Depending on if you have played before, or you just want to try it out, in short, it is still worth playing, but we are going to see why in detail.

You can play with people you know

img source: twingalaxies.com

Everything is more interesting when you play with people that you know against others. You bond better, and you know each other so you know how to coordinate better. In the beginning, you only could’ve play with two more people in a team of three. There were situations where you can’t find one player or you are only playing with one friend of yours and the random person was usually not as good as you so you had a hard time. Now, there is a mode that two people can play, so you will not have to hope that the random person will not ruin the match and you can enjoy it with your companions.

The only thing last to be done is for the creators to make a solo mode, where you can enjoy the game alone and become better without needing to wait for your companions if they are not free. You can still play alone, but you will be in a team with people that you don’t know and you will have to adapt to them.

Constant updates

As with every serious game, there are constantly new updates where things are getting improved, some new things are added, and some things that were not that much accepted by the community are removed. Also, if there happens to be a problem with the game, they will fix it right away, so you can continue playing and enjoying their product. This is really important because without them, many players will be frustrated and they will find other alternatives or they will stop playing completely.

New worlds and terrains

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There are three worlds that are changing every time so you always play something different and not get bored with the monotony. They are always improving them, changing the terrains or they add items to them so you can find differences and use them in your games. The creators are always putting in work to make the maps better so every player can enjoy learning them and making their aim better not just by memory. Sometimes even if the world is the same, they add new things in it to match an event that happens in the real world, or a promotion that they have, still making the game interesting.

Many characters that you can choose from

Instead of playing only with one character, or a legend in this situation, you can always play a different one until you find out which you enjoy more or which is your best one. The other games have only one character that you can use, and the difference that you can make is to apply cosmetics to it. In this game, you can learn more heroes because each is different from the others and that makes this game a good option in case you are just starting now. Also, you can get sets and cosmetics so you can apply them to every legend making it look the way that you want.

You can hire a boosting service so you can become better

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This option many might consider as cheating, but it actually is not. You are hiring a person to raise your level so you can match up with better players and you can learn both from your teammates and your opponents and with that, you can become better.

In many of the modes from above, the matches are not going to work on your rank, so you will be able to learn in the games of the bracket where you have been boosted, and become better for the other modes.

We suggest you read more about boosting services and their benefits.

Many gun options

Other than a vast variety of characters and worlds, you can also choose the guns that you will use during the matches, depending on the style that you have, you can select an appropriate weapon for that situation. For example, if you enjoy playing from a distance, you should select snipers, or on the contrary, if you play fast and from a close distance you should select machine guns or shotguns.

Deathmatch mode

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In the past season, the developers have added a mode where you can battle against other teams of three so you can show who is better. The mode is basically a deathmatch with many rounds so you can use it for a warm-up, or you can play it regularly if you want faster action. You don’t have to wait to use the same spell again, but you have a strict number of spells that you can use. When the round ends everything is reset.

To win, you will have to dominate three rounds so you are declared as one. However, there has to be a minimum of two games won between. This is great because if you are stomping someone, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on that, so you can try someone more challenging in the next matchup. When the game is tight, the winner is being declared in nine won games so the match becomes more interesting.