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10 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Always be the Best Cryptocurrency

by Tracy Finke

Bitcoin is the digital currency which remains at the top till date. People refer to it as a valuable cryptocurrency and bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009. The network of bitcoin is decentralized and is also not used much in the retail market. But the value of bitcoin is now compared with the valuable metals.

Bitcoin is available in limited quantities and will be finished one day. It is based on blockchain technology and one day will also serve for the retail transactions in future. Currencies value have changed in the past few years and bitcoin has gained scale in the market with almost 21 million bitcoins being currently circulated of roughly total amount dollar 514,000. You can visit url tecnoticias.net/2021/06/revision-de-bitcoin-era-2021-legitimidad-o-estafa-funciona-realmente-este-software which explains more about bitcoins.

1. Bitcoin is oldest cryptocurrency

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The value of bitcoin is considered more than other bitcoins because it has maintained its value over the time. And in the coming future payments and transactions will be seen in the form of digital currency rather than carrying a note in pocket. Societies are transforming themselves according to technology.

2. Bitcoin is becoming a part of everyone’s identity

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When you are buying a bitcoin you are actually buying a whole scene and that scene becomes a part of your identity. Many celebrities are also investing in bitcoins and bitcoin has become the highly-engaged cryptocurrency on various social media platforms like TikTok,Reddit, and twitter too.

Bitcoin with no surprise attracts more investors and has railed down in the crypto community. There is hype of bitcoin in the market in the world of finance. It is the digital token and has touched an all time high of 60,000 dollars once in October 19.

Other cryptos like Ethereum were discovered in 2015 and have not even touched 5000 dollars market value till date. So BTC is also considered the best and safest cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin market has exceeded 1 Trillion dollar market and remains the top in cryptocurrency market value.

3. Bitcoin has highest attention from big investors

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook Inc. also started trading funds in the form of cryptocurrency and Elon Musk, the world top billionaire also started trading in crypto because of which the cryptocurrency market is expanding. Many large investors have shown their interest in the crypto market.

4. Bitcoin is simplest, have relative stability and is acceptable

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The concept of BTC trading has been tested by federal reserve and central banks and validated with time. Bitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency which is considered to be the most stable crypto currency and investment in the form of asset in the past 10 years bny people has been seen most consistent and the BTC has been seen the best performing asset. People started believing BTC as the revolutionary currency and the world has started participating in it.

5. Is Bitcoin Investment Risky?

Yes, investing in any cryptocurrency always carries some sort of risk. But BTC is considered as a more stable and consistent bitcoin other than many new cryptocurrencies. It is possible that in the upcoming time bitcoin can replace the physical monetary system. El Salvador became the first country to make bitcoin trading legal and has 700 coins.

6. Investing in BTC lowers inflation risk

Unlike other currencies BTC is considered to be the safest cryptocurrency and many new young comers find it good to invest in bitcoin because they find it safe and not worry about the loss of the value of their money.

7. Bitcoin comes with new opportunities

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Bitcoin is attracting youngsters and on a daily basis new coins are becoming mainstream which was unpredictable until yesterday.

8. Bitcoin helps in Minimalistic trading

BTC brings new opportunities in the form of massive gain with that trading is also made simple. You can sell or buy bitcoin in a second and can keep your money in one place in your wallet for ease in transactions rather than stock trading which includes licenses and certificates to trade in and also there is time fixed for opening and closing of the market.

9. Bitcoin can be converted in the form of cash

You can convert your BTC in the form of cash in a few ways and that cash can be easily deposited in your bank account but remember that bitcoin price changes every second and you might need cash but that cash can kick you low for a few years if the price of bitcoin increased as soon as you convert bitcoin into cash. You can exchange bitcoin into cash from bitcoin ATMs that can be near you but these ATMs charge hefty fees to convert bitcoin into cash.

10. Bitcoin future

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Bitcoin is a computer based code and is now accepted in various retail stores so we can say that there is a future of bitcoin and it is volatile so there is risk involved as the market goes up and down every second. Investors are looking for trading in bitcoin after the lockdown crypto market has attracted many people and people started believing in cashless transactions which gave a hike to bitcoin.

BTC is a good investment but you should invest only after researching it because it might turn into a bad investment also. Do not try to treat bitcoin as another investment like trading and share market. It can give a loss if you do not know about it.


Bitcoin is covering the market and has become famous among every individual. Buying BTC is considered best because it is based on blockchain and it is the first cryptocurrency ever discovered. It works with 128 bytes encryption which changes with every selling and buying of it. But if you are new to the market study and research before investing because it can give a loss also.