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The Question That Troubles Women: Can Coronavirus Survive on Hair?

by Sinisav

ALO – 04/07/2020: These days people want to know everything they can about coronavirus. The ongoing pandemic created panic all over the world, and any information about the virus is essential. Ladies, who have long hair, wanted to know if the virus can live on hair for an extended period.

The speed at which coronavirus spreads across the world is staggering. As we speak, scientists are trying to learn and share with the world everything they can about COVID-19. One of the most critical questions that everyone asks is how long coronavirus can survive on certain surfaces.


Source: aljazeera.com

According to the CDC, this virus can live for a few hours to a few days, depending on the conditions and surface on which it finds itself. It is believed that it can live up to five days on plastics and stainless steel.

The female part of our society wants to know how long it can stick on hair?

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According to Saad Omer, an epidemiologist from Yale Institute for Global Health, coronavirus lives longer on surfaces like steel than on human hair.

On the other hand, Dr. Adam Friedman, who is a dermatologist, claims: “Hair has its own natural oils that cover the hair and act as a protection. These oils have certain antimicrobial properties, and it depends on them how long and how strong microorganisms can “stick” to a person’s hair.”

Friedman added: “You can rely on natural oils and the protection they provide, but the strength of protection varies from person to person. The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hair regularly.”

So yes, coronavirus can get into your hair, but it can’t live for too long there. If you take the usual hygiene and care of your hair, you shouldn’t worry too much. Just for the precaution, you could tie your hair or keep it under a hat or some other type of protection.

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