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5 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Cash During the Coronavirus

by Sinke Car

The recent pandemic brought forward a rather changed lifestyle. While none of us could have thought of ever being stuck at home with no work and no means to be working, the quarantine period showed that life can be lived quite differently than can always be thought.

Being stuck at home, though not very unpleasant for some, seems like a big disaster for people who are accustomed to being out and about, earning, and living their dream lives. As the Coronavirus cases are still on the rise yet, there is no definite say about when the world will be relatively safe again. Hence, traveling to work, away from the safety of homes, does not seem like a good idea. But that should not render you jobless and broke, right?

So, here are a few ways to make something better in your free time and also earn while doing it. These ideas by SimpleMoneyLyf will have a varying degree of lucrative value. Hence, choose the one that suits you the most!

Get blogging


A seemingly difficult method to get some extra bucks, when done right, blogging can even take over your boring 9-5 job. But you will have to be rather patient when you step into the vast field of blogging. A successful blog requires a lot of patience, dedication, and thoroughly researched content.

How to begin

  • Select a niche you are very passionate about and would never tire when writing about it.
  • Get a website launcher, and a domain name from nameestate.com to set the virtual platform for your blogging website.
  • Start with writing detailed, search engine optimized content that your readers will love.
  • Remember that self-motivation is something you have to be quite good at when you are your own boss.
  • Share your blogs on social media.

Guest blogging is another very profitable small business that you can start today. As you write blogs for other blog owners and establish backlinks to your own posts, you will get a greater Goggle findability rate!

Begin surveys, or watching videos


Getting money to see online videos seems like an idea too good to be true. But with apps and sites like InboxDollars and SurveyJunky, you get a few bucks straight into your wallet without much hustle.

The one downside of survey apps or sites is that they do not have constant surveys and are not ideal for supporting even a decent lifestyle entirely. Hence, to counteract this issue, sign in to all the survey sites that you can find, and collectively you will get a decent number of surveys.

Luckily, most of the surveys require a filling period of 5 to 15 minutes, which is, hence, ideal for when you are traveling, enjoying some alone time in a park, having lunch, etc.

Other more research specific surveys, which take one or two hours of your time, are better paying, and will help you a greater deal. Swagbucks is one another very good survey site with countless surveys available daily.

Online videos – InboxDollars, a platform to have a side income, is a hub of online surveys, videos, and even games that will help you get a few much-needed bucks. Playing games have never sounded as compelling as this before!

Become an online tutor


Now that basically all students are stuck at home and are looking for interesting ways to remain connected with their academic roots, online tutoring jobs are on the increase. Apart from the Coronavirus pandemic, too, a lot of courses can be tutored well, virtually. But more importantly, remember that online courses require a lot of commitment, time, and thorough research.

Online courses, when sold, have a potential income of thousands. Use platforms like Teachable, Thinkfic, etc. to tutor people at what you know best!

Teachable – This online course giant has an impressive count of 18 million students and is hence a good platform to begin at. The platform is easy to use and has a simple user interface so that you can customize your classes to the way you want and be relaxed about it.

Thinkific – This young tutoring platform has harnessed about 30+ million online courses, quite impressive for a newbie. The exceedingly customizable site is easy to use and will give you the right exposure to kick start your career.

Start freelancing


No matter what impressive skills you have, the freelancing world has a spot for every hardworking person. Just choose what niche you can work with, or which sector is more approachable by you and begin applying for gigs online.

UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. are some quite popular sites, to begin when in doubt. Additionally, keep in mind that every skill, big or small, has some of the other uses in the online world. Even if your talent is only speaking two languages, you still have decent chances of landing a translating job. So, when creating a freelancing resume, add every detail about your skills.

Test websites, or become a website developer

Internet land is full of opportunities. The only thing that matters is to find your particular niche. Website testing and developing is hence one of the other niches or sectors of the connected world that will help you move along your career and get a decent earning while sitting from home.

The increasing use of the internet and the complexity of user expectations can be met when you expertly customize websites and design them.

Earning money online at home has now become easier than ever, even while the whole world seems to be shut down. Use this simple money earning guide and make the best out of your time at home.