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15 Travel Instagrammers That Will Inspire You to Dream and Travel Again

by Jajce d Muckic

With the COVID disrupting our travel plans, many of us have been left completely stranded this summer. Most have decided to embrace their back-porch patio, balconies, street benches, and local parks. Some have even invested and converted their living rooms into relaxing spaces filled with greenery, new furniture, and some recently impulsive purchases of art or décor.

However, travel influencers have continued to show that discovering new places is still possible while perfectly social distancing. How? They have embarked upon adventures to roam the local spots long neglected in favor of crowded popular destinations only accessible by plane.

These top Instagrammers are on a mission to showcase the beauty of national parks, hidden hiking trails, sparkling lakes and rivers, landscapes filled with wildflowers, and finally perfect camping sites that will wake up a spirit of adventure in all of us and provide us with an opportunity to dream again.

Below, we are highlighting top influencer accounts to follow and inspire yourself for travel again:

1. Jannik Obenhoff

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Back in France for three weeks full of sun and surf. ?

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Top influencer, Jannik Obenhoff comes from Germany and is only 19 years old. He says that he is just a boy with a camera but his photography skills are able to transform him into a mastermind behind some of the most beautiful travel posts. By pursuing his passion to explore, he photographs the display and uniqueness of our planet, and he showcases his skills to 778k followers on Instagram.

2. Club Fashionista


Amra Beganovich is from New York City, and she is the co-founder of A&E an influencer marketing and social media agency. She is a lifestyle influencer behind the dreamy style and traveling Instagram account @clubfashionista. Amra has over 700K followers and counting, and she manages to capture the imagination of her audience and inspire them to explore some of the unique local spots. Her account includes a mix of culinary photos coupled with style posts and some of the most unique landscapes.

3. Elma Beganovich


Elma calls New York City home and she is the COO of A&E, influencer marketing agency NYC, specializing in branding and content production. Her love for classic style, local travel spots, and food posts have made her into one of the top Instagrammers. She has over 700K followers on her Instagram account and continues to inspire her audience to explore while embarking on new adventures.

4. Jamie N Kidd

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Dress of my dreams ?

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Jamie is a creative director, travel influencer, and a model with over 730K followers on her Instagram accounts. She displays stunning photography on her home feed. She is also well-known on YouTube where she portrays stunning imagery about style, cuisine, travel, and more. Jamie is based out of LA, so for all the west-coast residents, follow her and discover local Cali treasures.

5. Kelley Flanagan

Kelley Flanagan is a top influencer based in Chicago, Illinois. She is a top travel influencer as well as an attorney who loves to explore and document her finds with over 715K of her followers. Even though she loves Italy and the villa decors in Europe, you will find that she equally prefers local travel spots for a quick escape from the city. If you are in located in Hong Kong, check our her guide to the local cuisine there as well – it is impeccable!

6. Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is a travel influencer originally from Canada who loves to escape so much so that he left his 9-5 job to fully pursue his passion for adventure. He explored the world and was able to create LeBlanc into a super successful brand that currently is valued at over one million dollars. He likes to assist and inspire others to do the same. Christian also has a Youtube channel where he shares his passion for travel.

7. Benjamin

Benjamin is a travel and lifestyle influencer with over 560 followers who like to capture images of the ocean and local marine life. He is also a well-known photographer and his adventures take him around the world exploring some of the most beautiful coasts.

8. The Blond Abroad

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Every day is #EarthDay ? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• As we stay at home to do our part to flatten the curve, we're also giving our shared home, Planet Earth, a brief moment to heal. In many places, animal populations are thriving with fewer humans in their habitats, air pollution is clearing up, and emission levels have reached their lowest point in decades. We have a long way to go to protect the planet from climate change, but I have been so inspired by recent examples of people holding themselves accountable – using reusable bags, refusing plastic straws, being more conscious about the sustainability of the food they eat and products they buy. More people are understanding the global impact of their choices in food, fashion and even travel. Nobody is perfect and we are all guilty of succumbing to convenience, but we can easily make SMALL changes that make a BIG difference in the long run. My friend @elanaloo said it best: "There are a lot of shocking truths and horrifying realities about our world but feeling wide awake and aware is EMPOWERING because it gives us the opportunity to care. To change. To speak. To vote. To live out of intention, respect, and admiration for our Earth, all beings that inhabit it and the beautiful ecosystem we are a part of." Comment below with something you’ve done to make positive waves for this planet! I love learning about new ways to help and discovering the people and companies who are making a difference! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #EarthDay #EarthDay2020 #EarthDayEveryDay

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Kiersten Rich is a travel influencer who has won awards for her solo adventures. She likes to explore the world and capture some of the most captivating travel photos. Kiersten also writes a diary about the places she has visited and shares her experiences in-depth with her 550K+ Instagram followers.

9. Brooke Saward

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[Stories s02] I don’t want to make all these stories about the guys I’ve dated, so let’s talk about some of the guys I haven’t dated. If this were an episode, the opening credits would roll… “How to make men fall in love with you: Be Unavailable”. The year is 2016 and I’ve just landed in Barcelona. The first time I visited this city I didn’t quite fall in love with it, which probably had something to do with the fact I was robbed in broad daylight. Twenty-two year old me didn’t know any better, but if you want to get mugged, go to Las Ramblas. By the time I returned age twenty six, I was better prepared. With my credit card stuffed inside my bra, I made my way to the Passeig de Gràcia to fetch an outfit for that evening. I was heading to a fashion show that night, which is a long story in itself. My fashion “sense” is somewhere between Lisa Kudrow’s character on Friends and confused. It leans more towards the latter. That evening, I slipped on a chiffon floral dress and my strappy black heels. In retrospect neither of them co-ordinated with one another, but I’m not the kind of girl who travels with “options”. I downed a bottle of champagne from the mini-bar (which my credit card would later regret) for a safe dosage of dutch courage. I was going in alone. As the taxi driver declared we had arrived, I started scrolling through my phone for the invite. I knew it was in there somewhere! It was like my teenage years of rocking up to parties alone were flashing right before my eyes. Then I saw him. He was standing at the entrance in a tuxedo that said he belonged.. and he was waving at *me*. A former version of myself might have been googley-eyed by the scene I’m setting. But 2016 me knew better. I had a boyfriend, for one! But I’d left home two weeks ago and he still hadn’t called to check in. We were – parting ways. In the painfully slow, drawn out way you do in your twenties. You know, when everyone knows it is over before you do? To be continued…?

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Brook Saward is a wanderlust spirit who likes to embark on the unknown and witness some of the most beautiful natural spectacles while capturing images for others to see them as well. She is also a blogger who started to write about her adventures in 2013 when she created a place for others to witness and dream about some of the most desirable travel spots around the world.

10. Hilvees

Hildegunn Taipale is an explorer from Norway, Oslo who is also a mom and one of the most well-known travel Instagrammers. She visits some of the dreamiest locations and captures colorful displays of landscapes, architecture, food, museums, and more.

11. Erubes1

Eric Rubens is a travel influencer who is originally from southern California. His passion for exploration has turned Eric into one of the most followed Instagrammers with over 400K+ followers. Eric captures mostly travel photography although his feed also includes lifestyle posts about international cuisine, activities to pursue while visiting various destinations, and more.

12. Le Back Packer

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Johan Lolos is a European influencer originally from Belgium who likes to capture his wanderlust spirit and display it in a form of some of the most mesmerizing travel posts. His expertise has landed him National Geographic, BuzzFeed, and DailyMail coverage where his work continues to be displayed. Johan works with some of the most prestigious companies including Toyota.

13. Laurene P Bath

Lauren Bath stems originally from Australia where she used to be a chef and decided to become a photographer who shares her passions on Instagram as well. She is also the founder of the travel boot camp whose mission is to encourage others to also pursue their passion for adventure and turn this into a sustainable profession.

14. Ovunno

Oliver Vegas is one of the most well-known Instagrammers who enjoys the spirit of the wild and loves taking images of his most memorable trips. He is originally from Barcelona, Spain, and likes to maintain an eclectic mix of images that depict some of the most stunning landscapes and architecture. He is also working with one of the most well-known international brands, Sigma.

15. Saltyluxe

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? CHANGE IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL • Let’s talk about personal style & how much it can change over the days, months + years & how important it is to ride that train through. . Right now I feel like I’m changing A LOT (the most ever) & I’m just going with the flow, to see where it takes me ✨ . I’m super into film right now ?, a natural edit & I’m leaning more & more into my love of capturing raw & real moments. This has been coming for a really long time for me to be honest & I’m so glad it’s here, because it feels, well, ME! . I know that I would never be where I am now, not without first being where I was before – who can relate!? . For now, I’ll leave you with this beautiful quote ‘What’s yours will always find you’ ❤️ . Let me know your thoughts below!? Can you relate to this? How do you like my new editing style? Are you into film too!? Let me know ?? XX . #film #35mm #tropicalvibes #35mmphoto #changeisgood #sheexplores

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Sarah is an Australian top travel Instagrammer who is passionate about exploring remote places and capture her boho-spirit lifestyle. She likes to photograph tropical destinations that have been less known or less explored in order to convey a variety of summer options for those interested in something different when it comes to summer getaways.

We hope you liked our list and that it inspires you to dream and explore despite the currently imposed travel restrictions! If you have another favorite travel Instagrammer, please share it with us!