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President’s Firstborn Son Infected With Coronavirus!

by Sinisav

Danilo Vucic, son of Aleksandar Vucic President of Republic Serbia, tested positive for coronavirus. His father reported this news on his official Instagram account.

Serbian President captioned the photo with: “When it all started, my Danilo told me that surrender was not an option. My firstborn was infected with a coronavirus, and his clinical picture was such that he was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic. Son, you will be victorious. Dad loves you; we all love you.”


Source: rs.n1info.com

President’s children, Danilo and Milica, were volunteers since the first day that coronavirus pandemic was declared in Serbia. According to President Vucic, both of his children helped the elderly in their country with groceries. In Serbia, seniors older than 65 are not allowed to leave their houses because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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President is worried about the elderly population in this Balkan country as they are the core of his voting body, and Serbia, just as the US have elections on the horizon.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic also talked about how the President’s son and daughter were involved in the humanitarian work in Serbia. During a TV appearance, she praised them for helping Serbia’s elderly and shared the photos of them working on the field.

Source: blic.rs