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President Donald Trump Joins Attacks on Stacey Abrams

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 05/24/2020: Donald Trump is one of a kind President. Not for all the right reasons. One of the main traits of his presidency was attacking his political rivals on every corner. But, while sometimes this can be justified, that’s not always the case. This time around, Trump managed to reach an all-time low.

POTUS decided to re-tweet a post by John Stahl, which attacks Stacey Abrams. It hits her weight, her race, her looks, and everything she represents. It’s no wonder Trump sided with this kind of social media bashing.

Donald Trump

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This is what Stahl wrote: “We just got a look at the official portrait for the self-proclaimed Governor of Georgia. She fought a tough race, kissed a lot of babies, and visited every buffet restaurant in the State. Joe will be a racist if he doesn’t pick her.”

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John Stahl is a Republican and Trump supporter who uses every opportunity to start a war of words with Trump’s opponents. Furthermore, this is not the first time that he attacks anti-Trump personas. He also used the Twitter platform to mock Nancy Pelosi. You guessed it right, President Trump also re-tweeted this post.

This is what Stahl had to say about House Speaker Pelosi: “Anyone know what’s going on with PolyGrip? I’ve noticed lately that her face seems glossy and she is sporting a poorly marked 2nd set of eyebrows. I’m thinking it’s an extreme case of incurable TDS. Any thoughts?”

Stahl has a right to have an opinion on political matters, and to attack random people who don’t share his view. But, a President of the world’s greatest nations should know better. Shame on you, Donald Trump.

Source: politicalflare.com