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President Donald Trump Declares War On Windmills

by Sinisav

Almost everything president Trump says, raises eyebrows. But this time around, he might have gone too far. His latest tirades were about, believe it or not, windmills. According to himself, Trump is an expert on the subjects of ISIS and politicians. Now he added another thing to his portfolio. Windmills. To clarify things for our readers, he was speaking about wind turbines. President decided to call them windmills.

Donald Trump is spending holidays at his winter retreat Mar-a-Lago close to West Palm Beach, Florida. While there, he decided to share his opinion on windmills with young conservatives to whom he was giving a speech. President of the USA stated that he knows windmills better than anyone as he spent time studying them. According to Trump, they are not only noisy but also kill a lot of birds. To make things more vivid for listeners, Mr. Trump said that the bottom of windmills is a graveyard to birds.

Donald Trump

Source: www.thedailybeast.com

His speech was part of a student action summit called Turning Point USA, and it lasted more than one hour. In addition to wind turbines, Trump talked about his current state of affairs, which included impeachment, Never Trumpers, Democrats, and Nancy Pelosi.

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Things named above are a standard part of his repertoire. What was a surprise for everyone was his tantrum about windmills. According to Trump, windmills are one of the biggest air polluters in America. They release fumes which are bad for our air and environment, which is something he, as environmentalists care about said Trump.

Mr. President declared war on the wind, and this is not the first time he spoke on the subject. In one of his earlier interviews, he said that wind turbines decrease property values and that noise they create can give you cancer.

His campaign against windmills probably started when a plan that would build wind turbines near a golf course in Scotland that he owns was presented to him.

Regardless of how President’s words sound to you, there is some truth to what he says. According to the 2013 Wildlife Society study, wind turbines cause more than half a million bird deaths yearly only in the USA. So, maybe the President is giving us something to think about.