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3 Most Popular Treatments in 2024

by Ingeborg

Beauty trends have been changing over the years, but some things stay the same – women love to feel attractive. Even though men were not that open to plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments in the past, they are slowly embracing new trends more and more. It is truly magnificent how plastic surgery progresses.

With various treatments, surgical and non-surgical methods, it has never been easier to look the way you’ve always wanted to. Every year there are a few treatments that are most popular and here is what we have found out about the trends for this year.

1. Breast augmentation


One of the main surgeries that women choose over and over again is breast augmentation. Breasts are a symbol of femininity and the major factor in the confidence of a woman. Even though it is truly important to embrace the differences between people, the uniqueness, and inner beauty, the fact is that women love to look attractive. Even though people may think that the main reason is to look attractive to men, but this is not entirely the case.

Looking in the mirror can sometimes be too painful because we see changes in the way our breast look. There are many reasons for that – some girls are simply not blessed with beautiful breasts, others want to improve the way their breasts look after losing weight, while some women want to look youthful again because breastfeeding can significantly alter the way breasts look. Whatever reason you may have, having the option to change what you see in the mirror is spectacular.

It has almost become a routine operation because it has progressed so much that you can choose the shape, the size, and even see on the computer how it is supposed to look. The most important thing is to choose a clinic with a good reputation and plenty of experience in this field. If you want to find out more about the procedure and to see before and after pictures, click here.

2. Injecting face fillers and Botox


No one has yet invented the time machine. As we age, we start to slowly realize just how much gravity impacts our skin. It starts to show on the pictures when we first start to see that we have one line next to the mouth, one across the forehead and the small, fine lines next to the eyes. Even though it is a normal part of aging, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. Botox and face fillers are as close to a time machine as possible.

Getting fillers injected into the face started becoming popular when more and more celebrities started looking like they haven’t aged a day. They seem like the time has stopped and their face simply stayed as young as we remember them when they just appeared in the movies and TV shows that we loved. In time, it became largely available to everyone and it is something that doesn’t require a long recovery period.

Even though Botox was holding the first place in the beauty world, now there are also facial fillers that contain substances that help the skin to become more elastic and rejuvenated. The role of Botox is to prevent the muscles to move energetically and as a result, the usual reactions won’t cause wrinkles. On the other hand, fillers are used to “fill” the skin so it looks plump and fresh. As we age, we start to slowly lose the fat from our cheeks which alter the way we look enormously.

For this year, the main trend is to use fillers to create an impression of a full jawline. If you are surprised about this trend, just look at the few images on Instagram. Taking so many selfies from different angles and the wish to look perfect lead to popularizing this trend. The desire to look sharp and stunning truly never stops.

3. Permanent makeup


Permanent and semi-permanent makeup are helping women around the world to look the way they want to without a lot of effort in the morning. The importance of makeup in the lives of women is incredible and no one can deny that. However, the techniques and methods have progressed so much that now there are various ways to trick mother nature. There are techniques for accentuating eyebrows and lips, but also to have a permanent eyeliner.

Depending on the goal that the patient wants to achieve, the procedure is done. It usually takes a few treatments for a long-lasting effect, but once it is done the results can last up to a few years. The recovery period is relatively short and without complications, so this is the reason why so many women choose to have it. Plump lips are sensual and appealing, strong eyebrows contribute to the overall look of a woman’s face, while the eyeliner adds a little depth to the look of a woman.

Even though women usually choose one of these 3 procedures, having them available is truly great. Leading busy lives leaves us with less time to correct our makeup several times a day, so being able to look the way we want to without the corrections makes our lives easier. It is just important to carefully choose the expert who will perform the procedure to be fully satisfied with the results.

These were the main three procedures that women love, but the list goes on and on. There are now numerous treatments that can truly help us sculpt our bodies, change the way our facial features look, alter the way we see ourselves, and to impact the way other people see us. Being good-looking is now the norm and it is considered a part of personal hygiene and respect for yourself and others. However, it is important to be moderate. It is crucial not to alter your look to the point that you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror. Use the advantages of plastic surgery and various treatments to look your best and be satisfied with the way you look.