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Peculiar But Failed B-Day Surprise From Donald To Melania Trump

by Sinisav

On Sunday, our First Lady, Melania Trump, celebrated her fiftieth birthday. Her husband, President Donald Trump, tried to surprise with a quite peculiar gift.

According to the magazine The Atlantic, Donald Trump, together with one of his charitable funds, tried to create an online petition that would have 1 million signatures for Melania’s fiftieth birthday. The odd thing about this action was that those who would sign the named petition would also have to leave their email address, phone number, and ZIP code.

Melania Trump

Source: theatlantic.com

The Atlantic reporter who received this email found it weird that all this data was needed for a simple birthday gift card. What was truly interesting is that email started with these words: “Can you keep a secret? I have exciting news to share, but you have to keep it a secret.” It looked like a surprise, but behind the curtains, this was indeed a plan to obtain data from potential voters that could later be used for Donald Trump’s campaign.

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The Atlantic reporter did not respond to the email, and Donald Trump’s plea for Melania’s birthday, but they did receive an article dedicated to the First Lady. Conor Friedersdorf, the reporter in question, titled the article like this: “Melania Trump’s Birthday Gift. Nothing says “happy birthday” like the zip codes, email addresses, and mobile numbers of 1 million Americans.”

At the moment, we do not have data on how did this action on Trump’s behalf went and how many signatures and data about people they managed to collect. POTUS, on the other side, had a simple message for Melania’s fiftieth birthday on Twitter: “Happy Birthday to Melania, our great First Lady!”

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