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Pamela Anderson Shares the First Photo With Her New 22 Years Older Husband

by Tracy Finke

Pamela Anderson decided to try her luck again and got married for the fifth time to the 74-year-old film producer, Jon Peters. The two have known each other for three decades, but they waited to become husband and wife until now.

The 52-year-old actress and Playboy star posted their first joint photo on her Instagram profile, and her smile that she can’t get off shows how happy she is.

Image source: Instagram

Pamela and Jon decided to get married in Malibu after a secret and very brief romance, and their children were present at the intimate ceremony. The news was confirmed by Jon, who stated that he and Pamela had been together for several months.

What is interesting about the whole story is that they met 35 years ago and had already been together for a short time in 1989.

Image source: popculture.com

“There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but, for 35 years, I’ve only wanted Pamela. She makes me wild, in a good way. She inspires me. I protect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated,” Jon told THR.

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Pamela was married before to Tommy Lee, Rick Solomon, whom she married twice, and to Kid Rock. Last summer, she broke off a love affair with footballer Adil Rami, who was rumored to be cheating on Pamela with his ex-wife. This is also Jon’s fifth marriage.