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Nutritional and Health Benefits Of Mare’s Milk

by William Gist

If you go into a store and look around the milk section you will notice that there are dozens of different cow milk substitutes. You can find goat, sheep, almond, rice and many other types of milk. But, a lot of people like to skip out on the fact that you can even buy mare’s milk.

Mare’s milk has been consumed since the beginning of time. Some historical accounts reveal that the Ancient Greeks drank horse milk. Although mare’s milk might seem odd to you, it has been consumed in Central Asia for a long time.

Dermatologists and doctors have been researching mare’s milk for quite some time now and have found it to be extremely beneficial for one’s health. The reason why mare’s milk is not prescribed by dermatologists and doctors is due to the fact that it is simply too scarce to be used for treating people that suffer from skin disorders.


In recent years, various German scientists have found many benefits of drinking mare’s milk despite the fact that it is a low-profile product. In Europe, Equilac tends to be one of the best producers of mare’s milk as the company truly cares about its horses which leads to the production of some of the healthiest and most delicious mare’s milk. Studies show that consumption of mare’s milk for about 6 months can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.

Generally, the first improvements will be noted within just 2 to 6 weeks of consuming high-quality mare’s milk such as Equilac. However, it is also common for some consumers to experience a worsening of symptoms in the beginning, but they have nothing to worry about as their symptoms will be treated as they continue drinking.

Nutritional Value of Mare’s Milk


The main reason why drinking mare’s milk offers various health benefits is due to its nutritional value. Mare’s milk is packed with nutrients including high levels of vitamins A, B, C, and E. It also contains a good amount of iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Thus, mare’s milk has the perfect combination of nutrients to treat various health conditions.

Health Benefits of Mare’s Milk

There are various health benefits of mare’s milk as mentioned below.

Can Treat Eczema


Eczema is a very serious skin condition where patches of skin suffer from inflammation. Having eczema can be extremely tough for individuals as they will be unable to eat various seafood items and will have very sensitive skin. However, increasing evidence shows that mare’s milk might be just what someone with eczema needs.

Mare’s milk has the potential to treat not just eczema, but also psoriasis and other irritation condition. You can relieve the discomfort quickly by simply mixing the mare’s milk with some aloe vera gel or coconut oil. It will work wonders for your skin.

Aids Digestion


If you suffer from constant constipation and are looking for a superfood treat it, then, you need to try mare’s milk. Since mare’s milk contains less casein than regular milk, it provides your stomach with an antibacterial boost which in turn aids digestion. Moreover, mare’s milk is rich in antibodies that reduce constipation symptoms and rebalance your gut flora. Thus, when you consume mare’s milk, you do not have to worry about bloating or indigestion.

Boosts immunity


Another great benefit of mare’s milk is that it can boost your immunity. It has tons of nutrients and vitamins that will increase your overall wellness, but it also contains immunoglobulins G, M, and A which are a very important part of the immune system.

Boosts Bone Health


Mare’s milk has a higher concentration of mineral than cow’s milk. It can be consumed for the prevention of osteoporosis and to help with metabolism functioning as you age.

Cosmetic benefits


Because horses have a digestive system that is very similar to ours, the milk they produce is very similar to ours and it is filled with all of the nutrients that we need. However, we can use these nutrients found inside of the milk for cosmetic purposes. Many people like to use it as a moisturizer, but it can also be used to slow down the aging process of the skin and even regenerate some dead skin too.

Teenagers that are stuck with an acne riddled face are usually desperate to find a cream that will help them get rid of those acnes. Finding the right facial cream sometimes seems impossible. So, assuming that you can’t find the right one, you should consider getting this type of milk because it might actually help you.

Similar to breast milk


Believe it or not, but mare milk is actually the most similar to human breast milk. Since all of the other animals that give us this product have more than two gastric pouches, the nutrition and minerals inside of it are quite different. This is why many people are intolerant from milk that comes from goats or cows.

In the past, when a mother would have trouble breastfeeding her child, the only real substitute to feed a baby was mare mail. However, since the growth of the animal industry and the genetic modification of cows and goats, acquiring their milk is too easy which leads to fewer costs while more profits. This is why many people have forgotten or gave up on mares.

Reduction in Blood Pressure


Blood pressure has become a serious health concern for millions of individuals around the world. This is why they need to try out mare’s milk. It helps reduce blood pressure. There is a ton of potassium found in mare’s milk. It acts as a vasodilator to reduce the tension in your blood vessels as well as arteries. Thus, it helps lower the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis.


Mare’s milk has impressive nutritional value and offers a ton of health benefits. Hence, it is a good idea to switch to mare’s milk or to at least incorporate it into your daily diet.