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6 Ways Technology Has Changed Plastic Surgeries

by Ingeborg

Over the last few years, we’ve seen exponential growth in the industry of technology. Heralded by this change has come new ways of developing and improving our looks and the functions of the body.

Many people engage in plastic surgeries, and they’ve been around for a very long time since 800 BC to be precise. However, these procedures weren’t as pretty as today’s lip and butt enhancements.

People choose to undergo these processes for a variety of reasons, including injuries or beauty enhancement. Plastic surgery can change a person’s life. If you were in a serious accident that has left your face or part of your body in a way you aren’t happy with, you could get a procedure done to help you.

Now, let’s explore the advancements of technology influence on plastic surgery.

1. Engineered Tissue


In the past, doctors accomplished the process of plastic surgery with your own tissue. Scientists can now manufacture tissue artificially. Before recently, sometimes it was hit or miss with the body rejecting the tissue.

Problems resulting from rejection could be further scarring with the body attacking itself. In the case of breast augmentation, it could result in leaks or deflation of the area.

Now doctors can create implants and tissue using silicone. The process is now better understood, so you no longer have to worry about the body reacting badly to the new material.

Biomaterial has also been advancing, allowing for new additions to what scientists can use for making tissue. Doctors can promote a more considerable regrowth of cells. Also, bones and cartilage can now be recreated using polylactic and polyglycolic acid.

2. 3D Printing

source:Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

Although this process is expensive, experts are hard at work attempting to make it more feasible for use. 3D printing is a revolution as it allows doctors to take your tissue and print it using new technology.

3D printing should be of great interest to anyone who wishes to have breast augmentation, lip enhancement, or any skin related issues. The process is streamlined and much better than the traditional forms of tissue replacement.

3. Microsurgeries


One of the most recent advances in technology has been the development of low impact surgeries. Specifically, in the case of an egoziplasticsurgerycenter.com. As Egozi plastic surgery center states, “the most minimally invasive surgeries have the greatest results.”

Microsurgeries are focused on keeping any scarring to a minimum. Many large scale operations leave behind massive scaring. To avoid these issues, these procedures use the smallest cuts possible to do their work.

Doctors implement various devices to carry these operations out effectively. One machine, in particular, is the most useful when it comes to microsurgeries.

Researchers use the endoscope to see the inside of your body. It’s a long thin device with a tiny camera at the end. It’ll be inserted into the patient’s body and used to locate problems and guide the doctors as they do the procedure.

Microsurgeries are generally used for the procedure of brow and bowl lifts. While doctors use these methods for breast augmentations and other invasive surgeries, the function of it remains for scientists to develop further.

4. Computer Managed Maps


Complex surgeries always carry risks, and plastic surgeries are painful to do precisely to achieve no lasting marks. The development of computer technology has gone a long way to help this.

This medical aid shows the doctors precisely what’s going on. The image shows a 3D object of whatever the situation inside is so that the medical examiner can observe each aspect to provide the best care possible.

The development of this is still ongoing as computers get faster and smarter. Doctors are able to see more clearly what’s going on. This imaging has a wide variety of uses, most common of which is seen in cranial surgeries.

The medical team will scan and examine the bones until they understand them fully. From this, they can easily detect what’s wrong and either create a perfectly sized replacement or dive into the surgery, knowing precisely what to do.

5. Laser Procedures


Laser surgery has advanced a lot in the last decades. Commonly used for eyes and the skin, laser procedures can be done with no scarring, which is ideal. Lasers are a single wavelength of intense light that can focus on a small area.

It works on the skin by sending an extreme amount of energy, which will destroy the unwanted scar, brown spot, wrinkles, veins, or tattoos that are unwanted. Every year they find more ways lasers can work on our skin to make it look younger and healthier.

This is a great way to get a procedure done if you want a quick recovery time and have little to no pain.

6. Liposuction Surgery


We’ve all heard of liposuction and have probably joked about how much we want some to take off a little here and there. However, for some people who struggle with their weight, this can be a life-changing procedure.

Now with the advancement in technology, there are many types of ways it can be done, depending on how much you need. You can get tumescent, super wet, ultrasound, laser, and laser-assisted liposuction.

Tumescent liposuction is when they inject a lot of numbing agents into the area and then perform the procedure. It takes longer, but there’s limiting swelling and bruising.

Vaser liposuction is newer to the scene. An ultrasound breaks up the fat cells first, and then they are suctioned out. This requires new advanced machines and a complex ultrasound system to be done correctly. Only well-trained surgeons should do this because it’s a new technology, and a lot still needs to be figured out from it.



The advance in science has opened up new hope for everyone who has surgical needs. Whether you want to have a facelift or a breast augmentation, you need to have your burn marks removed, or an injury scar covered up, technology has opened its doors.

There’s plenty of room for growth, but now everyone can be confident in knowing that plastic surgeries are effective. If you have the desire to have an operation, let this article inspire confidence in your decision.