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Nicole Kidman Looks so Different From What We Remember

by Elsa Stringer

The famous Hollywood actress is a shadow of her former self, the fans say, and she looks unrecognizable in the latest photos.


Nicole Kidman, 52, was spotted on the set of a movie she is currently filming. The photos instantly became controversial, as she is very different from the beauty everyone knows and loves. When you go over the top with plastic surgery, it usually looks something like this.


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She is wearing all black, including a cap on her head, and the color helped point out her fit figure. However, there were many who said she looks borderline anorexic. Although she was always somewhat on the skinnier side, she seems to have overdone it with her diet.


Rumors say that there is little else to be changed on her face as she has already had her lips, nose, and eyelids done, while using Botox and other fillers to keep a youthful look and prevent herself from aging.


However much she tries to hide the truth, the pictures of her are a clear proof.


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