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What will the New NFL Season Bring

by William Gist

With the coronavirus pandemic still present around the world and in the United States, so many different sports events were completely canceled. The 2024 Summer Olympics in Tokyo Japan were canceled and the event was moved to 2024, the World Cup was canceled, in the game for canceled and hundreds, if not thousands of sports matches. But, it seems like the NFL still plans to go ahead with its campaign 2024. Although, NFL is not the only sports event that has decided to continue its matches. NBA has also continued its season, although with no audience.

We will see how all of this unfolds and whether it is a good choice to continue with the 2024 NFL season. But, we are not here to talk about the pandemic, we are here to talk about what the upcoming season gives us and how the playoffs will look.

For all of those that are interested, I decided to write this article and tell you all about teams who are in play, teams you are out and everything there is to talk about the NFL.

Team preview

Before I provide any kind of presumptions about certain matches, it is first important to share a preview of the teams that will play during the 2024 season.

AFC East

Source: nfl.com

  • New England Patriots – Right now, results projected for the New England Patriots are looking pretty good if I do say so myself. At first, it seemed like the Patriots were not going to put up an interesting show in 2024, but suddenly, their offense completely changed and they have started bringing much stronger results. However, they will not be able to fulfill these projections if their quarterback does not recover from his injuries. In 2019, Newton showed symptoms of an injured shoulder and had to take the bench for a couple of matches. Even after his surgery in 2019, his injury keeps coming back after prolonged physical activity. The New England Patriots must be careful about how they handle their quarterback and they must keep him under the radar until he is really needed.
  • New York Jets – Sam Richard Darnold was an amazing addition for the New York Jets in 2018 which promised a good future for this team. Darnold showed off as a great quarterback during the 2018 and 2019 season. His rating and score set a record in NFL history. At only 21 years old, he managed to make a quarterback rating of over 110 which has never happened before. So, what are the projections for the New York Jets this time around? Well, we will see what Adam Gase will be able to do with his players. Fans are not a fan of this coach, but he has proven many times that he can lead teams to victory. All that is left is for us to wait and see what happens this September if the event is not rescheduled because of the pandemic.
  • Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins – these two are the only ones left in the AFC division and I do not think that the Miami Dolphins have a kind future in the following months. It seems like every sports site has projected a very bad record for the Miami Dolphins. But, the scenario for the Buffalo Bills is the complete opposite. Many experts and fans believe that the Buffalo Bills will show off quite a lot in 2024.

AFC North

Source: thesportsgeek.com

Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns – for the AFC North division, it seems like the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are the teams with the highest potential this time around. This is especially true for the Ravens because their success in 2019 proved a lot. But, if they do not decide to change up their game plan, things could get worse for the Ravens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up with a record of 8-8 in 2019, but it is important to consider the fact that Roethlisberger was out of the game during that entire season. Fortunately for them, this time around, Roethlisberger is finally back, healed, and ready to play his best games. If you are a fan of Roethlisberger, make sure you do not miss out on Pittsburgh Steelers’ matches. To reduce the chances of missing out on matches during this entire season, I recommend finding yourself a proper free NFL streaming website as suggested by TotalSportek.

Experts also believe that the Cleveland Browns might start to show off in 2024. But, we will see whether they will be able to compete.

Last and maybe the least are the Cincinnati Bengals. The projections for this team are certainly awful by most experts in the US. But, we are ready for a surprise and we expect that the Bengals will be able to prove those experts wrong.

AFC South

Source: youtube.com

Obviously, we cannot forget about the South and the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. The Tennessee Titans are building a crazy strong offensive with the help of Arthur Smith which might help them when in 2024.

The Indianapolis Colts are also showing off a good potential with the addition of Marvel Mack and Jonathan Taylor. But, I honestly do not see a lot of potential in their new defensive tackle DeForest Buckner.

There is also a belief that the Houston Texans will make a comeback in 2024 with David Johnson and Randal Cobb, but we will see how that turns out.

Jacksonville Jaguars Coach Doug Marrone does not seem very prepared when it comes to handling his players which is why experts are not expecting a lot from the Jaguars.

AFC West

Source: bettheboardpodcast.com

Kansas City Chiefs – probably the biggest opponent for the New England Patriots. Their potential is huge, but we will see how things unfold in September.

Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos there are talks out there than Jon Gruden has managed to build quite the offensive plan for the Las Vegas Raiders which is the reason why their projections are quite high.

The Los Angeles Chargers’ QB has not been very active in 2024 which honestly does not seem very impressive for most experts. But, maybe the coach does have a trump card in his pocket.

The outside linebacker, Von Miller for the Denver Broncos is starting to show a downfall in his records and rating. We will see whether he manages to come back in the 2024 season and prove everyone wrong.

There are a lot of positive projections for the 2024 NFL season and all that is left is for us to wait and see.