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Best Shows Coming To Netflix In September 2024

by Mary McFarren

What does Netflix have in store for us in September of 2024? As usual, a lot is coming out. While some popular shows are in their final season, others are just starting. And they’re all good. Here’s a list of some of the most interesting movies, shows, and documentaries that will capture your attention this fall.


The action-packed movie is coming out on September 10th and is about to make a splash. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Kate, a poisoned hitman who has 24 hours to get her revenge. On her way running on the streets of Tokyo, she befriends the daughter of one of her victims. The movie is full of special effects, chasing sequences, and adrenaline. An acting virtuoso, Woody Harelson plays one of the supporting roles as Varrick, Kate’s mentor.

Sex Education, Season 3

The lovely and brilliant series revolves around high school friends trying to survive their tumultuous teenage years. The show is kinda about sex, but there are many layers of the story including their family lives and friendship. Gillian Anderson did an amazing job playing the role of Otis’s mom. This season a new principal is trying to manage the school and return it back to track.

Afterlife of the Party

A science-fiction comedy about the girl, played by Victoria Justice, who got brutally murdered at the party. She comes back from the afterlife to set the record straight. The movie is released on September 2nd. Judging by the reviews the 94% of the audience liked this supernatural humoristic film.

How to be a Cowboy, Season 1

Dale Brisby got his own show on Netflix. The social media star uses his rodeo skills to portray the cowboy lifestyle to a larger audience. Brisby is a rodeo competitor and the star of the YouTube channel Rodeo Time. He is also very active on Instagram where more than 700K people follow his adventures.


Nightbooks is kind of a mellow, kid-friendly cross of “Misery” and “Arabian Nights”. A young boy, Alex, is trapped in the apartment by an evil witch. To escape, the kid has to tell a hair-raising horror story every night. The movie is set to be released on September 15th. The role of Alex is played by Winslow Fegley, a well-established child actor with many roles already under his belt. Fegley comes from a family of actors, Michael and Merce Fegley.

Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror, Season 1

The 20th anniversary of the terror attacks in New York are coming. Netflix decided to pay the tribute to the victims focusing on the aftermath – the war on terror. The first season will have five episodes detailing Al-Qaeda’s operations inside and outside of the US spreading from the early ’80s to the September, 11th attacks. The documentary will chronologically connect the dots of the affairs of the terrorist organization that lead to the strikes.

The Starling

On September 24th a must-see drama is coming to Netflix. The movie talks about the loss, courage to move on, finding hope, and loving again. The seemingly simple story of a grief-stricken woman and a hostile bird, starling making a nest close to her home will make you smile and cry at the same time. The struggle between a homeowner, Melissa McCarthy, and a bird will go into the unsuspecting depths of the human soul.

Money Heist, Part 5, Volume 1

The long-awaited fifth season is finally here but in two volumes. Just when we thought that we’ll see the grand finale it turns out we got a teaser again still waiting for the resolve of a very complicated story. The internationally acclaimed series has gained a gigantic fanbase all over the world patiently waiting to see if the crew will be able to get away this time around. It premieres on September 3rd.

Midnight Mass

A small isolated community of Crockett Island is shaken with the return of a disgraced man, played by Zac Gilford, that coincides with the coming of the captivating new priest, portrayed by Hamish Linklater. Subsequent miraculous occurrences restore the residents’ faith in God’s word which reflects on the acceptance of a young social outcast. A dying town is revived but at what cost?

Dear White People, Volume 4

The fourth and final season is coming to Netflix on September 22nd. The outspoken Black students are back in Winchester University to make an uproar one last time. Derived from the 2014 indie movie of the same name, the series really made huge success as an adaptation. The fans have been waiting over two years to see how the series ends. The delay was mostly due to the pandemic and production difficulties, but the final season is here at last.


Don’t miss out on this great movie! It premiered at Sundance Festival in 2024 drawing a lot of attention from the moviegoers. The story is focusing on the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The cast is made out of movie legends like Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci. Great story, fantastic acting – a terrific choice for a movie night.

Into the Night, Season 2

A Belgian series that unexpectedly captured viewers around the globe. It’s hard to pinpoint its genre, though. The show is science fiction drama, thriller, apocalyptic action, all mixed in one captivating story. A high-rated series revolves around travelers stuck in a plane that has to travel only at night since the Sun became deadly for the human race. The passengers come from different cultures making things more complicated and uncertain. The second season will give you answers to many questions you were left with last year.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

One of the most famous Black men in history went from being close friends to hostile towards each other. Now, Netflix is taking us on the journey of exploring the circumstances behind the feud that divided the community and separated two friends forever. Find out the reason for the conflict on September 9th.

Lucifer, Season 6

The final season of Lucifer is here. The fans will have to say goodbye to one of the most loveable Devils on Earth. But not before the final fight with his nemesis. For six years, the disgruntled God who turned to the dark side made us laugh. Tune in on September 10th for the one last laugh.

Q-Force, Season 1

The gay spy accompanied by his LGBTQ allies will fight for justice in the new animated Netflix show. The heart-pumping adventures were greatly accepted by the critics, so far. The release date is set for September 10th, so give it a shot. LGBTQ+ community was calling for more exposure in the entertainment industry, and Netflix listened. However, judged by the trailer, the show is filled with stereotypes of which the Rainbow community is trying so hard to get rid of. In any case, the series caused a commotion, so, if for nothing else, take a look as to what all the fuss is about.