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5 Short Films to Stream on Netflix For Binge-Watchers – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

It is essential to save your time and perform such activities on the Internet that is efficient for your time and efforts. Sometimes, we crave short clips or movies with a storyline that is beneficial in all terms and doesn’t compile with anything time-taking because you’re running out of time. As we’re here with the best movie guide, no worries will make your weekend memorable and efficient as you can watch as many short movies as possible, with the least time engagement.

We have seen multiple cases where Netflix doesn’t show all the query results and movies because it’s not accessible in that region. A wide variety of movies are available in the US library of Netflix because originally, Netflix was launched in the American area. However, if you still wish to stream those shows in Germany, India, Australia, Canada, or any other foreign nation, then connect yourself with a VPN connection to login to US Netflix library or any Netflix region, and select the server as per the choice to start watching your favorite shows, without any hassle.

In this article, we’ll explore all the best five short films you can watch in your region, without any hidden charges, and for your ease, I’ll mention the storyline a bit to make it more understandable. Check here to know more

The Best 5 Quality Short Films Originally on Netflix

Grab some popcorn and juices as now you’re going to stream in regarding the best short films operational on Netflix, making your overall experience worthy and memorable.

1. If Anything Happens, I Love You

img source: rogerebert.com

We all love watching movies worthy of each second spent over watching, and we all know what genre and animation work best in this case? Of Course, movies that target a specific genre the entire time are more valuable and would make your time worthy in quality and time efficiency.

The first one on the list is a Netflix Original, which lasts for just 12 minutes collaboratively; still, the aftermath of the stills’ tragedy is very practical and emotional. The story shows two grandparents in deep sorrow and grief as they mourn over a child’s loss. Can you imagine the loss? The feeling you get when a child is lost? This entire scenario is shown in the movie with perfect animation released in 2024 and created a significant impact on the audience, which is indeed a winning condition for the producers.

2. End Game

No, No, I am not writing about the Avengers Series End Game, I know you all must be thinking about Iron Man, but the actual story is entirely different. I’m talking about the documentary, ‘End Game,’ which lasted for 40 minutes and showed the level of a patient who meets an extraordinary medical practitioner, seeking a change in his life, because we all know cancer is a disease, which doesn’t have any cure!

It’s an emotional survival movie, with a sad ending making the audience grief and sorrow, and miserable, but still, I would recommend you to watch it once.

3. All in my Family

img source: netflix.com

The third one is again a Netflix Original, an American Short Documentary, ‘All in my Family’ directed by Hao Wu, sharing a traditional family story, where the son is gay, chosen for children surrogate. We all know how difficult it is for gay and homosexual people to survive in men and women dominating society, and you can imagine the stress. Drama is showcased in the entire documentary, which lasts for 40 minutes.

It’s a must-watch, and I would recommend you all watch it with your family and feel the pain and struggle to survive in this society, keeping a stereotype behind.

4. The Garden of Words

For all the Anime Lovers, this one’s for you, and of Course it’s a Netflix Original, ‘The Garden of Words’ where a lonely teenager plans to skip his morning lessons, to sit in a more lovely garden, where he meets another mysterious woman who has the feeling of alienation, and top of all, she starts sharing it with him making the movie even more cautious, and engaging.

Its primary genre is Romance, with the Anime Factor indulging in making viewers’ overall experience remarkable and beautiful.

5. Fire in Paradise

img source: newsweek.com

Lastly, I would recommend you all to watch Fire in Paradise, a documentary for 40 minutes, with a very awakening storyline, when the happiest place, a city of light, is set on fire, and how people start facing death from their own eyes!

In California, a small wildfire in Butte Country starts increasing, bringing a lot of innocent people to death, and causing devastation to the town, bringing all the business down to the lane. The that so-called City of Paradise becomes Hell! The terror is seen for real in the series, and I would recommend people who love to watch action movies at least give it a try and enjoy the film.

Wrapping Up

And I hope you people enjoyed reading this fantastic article, about the best short films filmed in less time, with an attractive, and fantastic storyline. Although still, if you want us to write about more Netflix movies that are documentaries or based on real-life, please share the thoughts in the comment section so we’ll come up with a comparable topic next time!

Till then, enjoy this blog, and don’t forget to write your quality feedback in the comment section.