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Sleepless Nights and Motherhood Have Made Cameron Diaz Unrecognizable

by Elsa Stringer

Her first public appearance after giving birth has worried her fans. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, 47, has famously decided to devote herself to a family life and remove herself from the spotlight.

In these latest photos, it can clearly be seen that her wish has come to fruition. Known for her wide smile and youthful looks, she seems to no longer be the beauty she once was.


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She decided to take care of her baby without the help of nannies, and the consequences of that can be seen on her. Tiredness and exhaustion are visible on her face. Alongside her career, fashion also seems to be in the background for her currently, since she was spotted in an everyday casual combination.


If you were to look at her, you would never tell she is a major movie star. However, maybe she just wanted to escape the paparazzi?

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One comment below the photos reads, “She grew 10 years older overnight. She looks like an exhausted housewife.” As long as she is enjoying her family life, she is doing nothing wrong.