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5 Modern House Design Tips And Trends For 2024

by William Gist

When you decide to renovate or build a brand new space – the help of professionals who will “work out” your ideas together with you would be very useful. Interior design is a delicate job. In addition, you want the space to be modern and functional. You want to follow the latest trends in interior design. So, on this occasion, we will show you what is modern this 2024 and give you X tips for modern house design.

Where To Start?


The purpose of a particular space is the starting point of designing. We should have a different approach depending on whether it is residential, commercial or other types of premises – such as manufacturing space. The first two aesthetics and functionality must achieve harmony – and sometimes we have to compromise. In production spaces, everything is subordinate to functionality.

In earlier days, we were only able to create a picture of the interior of our space through the spaces we visited – or through magazines that deal with interior decoration. The benefits of the internet allow us to have an insight into world trends. Today, we can look at countless interior photos, see different styles and approaches to landscaping.



Once you’ve decided to makeup or renovate your space – start collecting ideas. Create a single folder on your computer, and collect photos, different solutions, and approaches to interior design. In addition to the numerous online galleries where you will see objects that individual designers or companies have worked on – you will have the opportunity to see different design solutions.

View photos, make selections and sort them by style. You have already provided the basics for working with a team that will design your home.



Designing space is above all an aesthetic aspect of landscaping. Attention is foremost paid to visual momentum. Whether we design the space we live in or where we work (for example, a restaurant, hotel, shop, or office) – our goal is to make us and our guests, visitors, or customers feel comfortable. The designer is tasked with looking at your space to create the best solution where he will combine the visual moment with the functional.

If you have already come up with some ideas, you have done a great deal to the designer, but also yourself – because you have already put together a concept and determined in which direction it should go. This way you will avoid wandering and channel the creative energy of the designer in the direction you want. Also, you will get a unique sense of working directly on a project that is so important to you.

Engaging Professionals


Of course, you can completely outsource the design task to the professionals. This is very often the case, because, often burdened with work and obligations – clients do not have the time or desire to get into this business. According to silverlinehomes.com.au, this can be a good solution – if you approach reputable companies that have enough experience and projects on their behalf. One such professional design team will take care of the whole project.

You can be sure that you will have a unique visual experience, functionality – and a comfortable environment that surrounds you. A professional contracting project enables synchronization of a large number of different works – and it also saves time and guarantees quality work execution.

Design Tips And Trends For 2024

Trends in modern house design are a hot topic every year. Certainly, the first thing we need to handle is the budget. None of us has an unlimited budget for work or furnishing – but a large budget sometimes is not necessary to make your apartment look nice (and expensive, if you wish).

Trend following usually involves buying a pair of decorative details that can give your home a different and fresher look. That is why the advice of a professional with a lot of work experience can be very helpful. Here, we will present 5 of our favourites.

1. Wabi-Sabi


Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic concept of discovering beauty in imperfection, which has found its place in interior design as well. According to it, your home does not have to look like a picture from a catalogue. On the contrary, it should be arranged so that you feel good and comfortable with it. Although the concept dates back to the 16th century, it is one of the biggest trends in interior design for the past few years.

2. Bright Colours


Bright colours were one of the main features of 80s fashion, and this year will dominate the interior design. Careful use of vibrant colours can accentuate parts of the home – even if you are not a fan of sparkles. Bright or coral red is a great choice for painting a wall in a room or as a carpet or sofa colour. You can also use a bright green, yellow, orange or purple hue. You can brighten one wall with bright colours – or use bold ornaments.

3. Glamour


A trend that has never completely disappeared, glamour and high sophistication embrace a maximalist approach to decor – where the pattern is the centre of attention and too much embellishment is an unknown concept. Inspired by the tumultuous twenties, glamour returns in 2024 as well. We all deserve a little luxury in our lives. When it comes to enjoying the beauty of your home – bold patterns, dominant ornaments, as well as everyday luxuries – will mark the decoration of the interior in the current year.

4. Round Shapes

Lamps, mirrors, wall decorations and circular furniture will be a big hit this year. The circle is a symbol of infinity, energy and sociability – so by using objects and decorations of this form you bring a new dimension of comfort to your home. At the same time, your home becomes a more attractive place to hang out with family and friends.

5. Marble As Main Natural Material


In recent years, natural materials have been very popular in interiors – and we are very pleased that they refuse to retire from fashion. Marble came back in grand style last year and was often used by furniture designers to construct tables of all kinds, as well as wall-mounted applications.

The marble countertop dining table looks great and has a “wow” effect in any room. The only problem is that it costs a lot. Don’t be discouraged because smaller tables can be equally effective. For example, a club table or a small utility table connected to some other marble detail – will give your home a sophisticated and sophisticated look.