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7 Essential Tools for a New Graphic Designer – 2024 Guide

by Elsa Stringer

Design is any visual medium that aims to express communication, whether it sends a message from an upcoming party through a flyer or showcases the beautiful capabilities of the latest mobile device in new print commercials.

Using images, graphics, and text, mostly designers, create a story or message that will appeal to potential users. Not every graphic design aims to be beautiful, but everyone should provoke reactions, whether positive or negative, attractive or repulsive to consumers.

Although most people find this activity computer-dependent, this may not be the case. The tools used by graphic designers are almost limitless and include brushes, pens, pen, and paper, as well as digital media. As people increasingly rely on computers, so too does graphic design.


A large number of people globally feel that writing a few words and incorporating a few images to produce something beautiful is not particularly tricky. Still, graphic design and its principles are incredibly nuanced, from serif font ascenders to classic artistic rules for image alignment and use negative space. While some designers are self-taught, most acquire their skills in highly regarded art and design schools, studying the principles of print, digital, and 3D design. If you gamingfront.net and find out more important information.

At its most elementary level, the graphic design conveys the note. It’s a means of communication, a unique and compelling way to reach consumers and Internet users, whether you’re selling a product, announcing an event, or want to attract subscribers. Logos, websites, advertisements, print media all require the expertise of a graphic designer.

Want to use the same resources used by professional and successful graphic designers around the world? Want to create great posters, packaging, and other promotional materials? There are plenty of well-known, but not so famous, tools on the Internet that top world designers use for many of their projects. Here are some of the resources for graphic designers available on the Internet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, they will significantly benefit you.

1. Freepik


As the name implies – Freepik offers you the choice of free new resources that you can use when creating social media posts, banners, website illustrations, and more. If you are looking for templates for creating business cards, posters, flyers, robberies, or any other printed material, Freepik is the place to be. Vectors, high-resolution photos, icons, PSD templates are just some of the things you can find on this site.

In addition to the free resources available to all users, Freepik also offers you the opportunity to subscribe to their site and get an even more excellent and better selection of the things mentioned.

2. DesignerMill


If you would like to find new, free graphic design resources, you will surely love the DesignerMill website. On this useful site, you will find a massive selection of resources such as fonts, icons, mockups, PSD templates, website templates, vectors, and more.

DesignerMill doesn’t even ask you to register to download the resources you want, choose what you want, click on the Download option, and the support is yours.

3. Flaticon

Enhance your social networking ads and banner ads for Google Ads campaigns with different icons from Flaticon. Flaticon is owned by Freepik and offers around 1,500,000 free icons grouped in over 30,000 different packages. You can find the right image from any category that comes to mind. Just go to the Flaticon website, type in what you are interested in, select one or a bundle of icons, and click the Download option.

All icons are available in multiple formats (PNG, SVG, PSD, and EPS). I recommend you use images to make your social media and banner ads more visually appealing, dynamic, and impactful.

4. Graphic Burger


If you would like to know what your brand logo will look like on different objects, you can quickly and easily make photorealistic displays using a mop on the Graphic Burger site.

Graphic Burger offers a large selection of PSD mops where you can find, among other things, various garments, packaging, technological equipment, vehicles, and other similar objects on which you can place the desired logo.

In addition to various mops, you can find other useful things for graphic design on this site, such as icons, wallpapers, different effects for fonts, templates, as well as valuable resources for web design.

5. Textures


If you are looking for high-resolution textures that you would like to use for print design – you will surely love the Textures.com website!

After creating a free account on this site, you will gain access to numerous photo textures that range from brick, plastic, paper, 3D objects, nature, wood, metal, and many more.

6. ColorZilla


ColorZilla is a Google Chrome extension that lets you quickly and easily select any color from the web. After installing it on the Google Chrome browser, it is enough to click on the icon in the tab bar, select the Page Color Picker Active option.

Click on the desired color on the web page and get information about the color code in the CMYK variant, as well as the color parameters in the RGB variant. All you have to do after that is to paste the code into a program.

7. WhatFont


Choosing the font combination, you will use on your site plays a significant role in the overall impression that the site leaves on visitors.

If you are hesitant, unfaithful, or do not have time to play around with different font combinations. On a particular site, you have found the ideal font combination that you would like to apply on your website – the Google Chrome extension What Font will be beneficial.

After installing it on Google Chrome, it is enough to click on the extension icon, drag the mouse over the font on the particular site you are interested in, and you will get the name of the font used.