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3 Design Trends You Should Know

by Dangula Bingula

Web design may be the most wanted profession these days because a lot of work is done online and establishing an online presence is crucial for reaching out to customers. Creating a user-friendly website is essential for the overall satisfaction of the customers and the success of a business. It is the link between the company and the user and in order to deliver quality work, the web designer must be familiar with all the new trends that appear on the market.

Once the person gets familiar with all the new programs, innovative trends and all the ways to improve the work, he must apply them to their own ideas. Being constantly dedicated to learning and being in the loop helps designers to adapt their skills to the needs of the market. If you want to improve as a web designer, then keep reading. You will find out more about the three crucial trends discussed in this article.

What is Design?


Design is a very broad term and involves turning ideas into reality in a very creative way that will be appealing to future customers. Web design involves customizing the website according to the requirements and the needs of the target audience. It involves choosing a layout, style, graphics, image, and controlling the overall impression of the website. It requires a very thorough approach and it involves research about the target audience and then working towards delivering the wanted product – a fully functional and appealing website. One of our designers at American Sign Letters can help your business with a get design for your site plus create marketing material for you.

If you want to do well as a web designer, then you need to understand the different types of design. Remember that the design of the website must appeal to others, so you need to study popular designs. However, make sure that you look for design trends that will last a long time as opposed to fads. As mentioned before, being in the loop will help you be ahead of others and make success. Trends keep changing, so it is a demanding job, but very rewarding considering all the advantages and the possibility to show your creativity and think outside the box.

Why it Matters


Designers need to focus on trends that will remain relevant rather than focusing on and following the latest fad. Experts from xd.adobe.com mention that “it’s easy for designers to get

caught up in the latest craze while ignoring the more meaningful trends that have longevity.”

Focusing on the most recent trends makes it easy to follow those designs, but they may die out quickly. It’s a better idea to learn design principles, see which ones always look good, and learn those designs. This will help you to keep your designs relevant so that you don’t have to update websites every few months. As always – less is more and the classic look will last forever, so let yourself find a unique style and always add your elements because it will be your signature on the market even if it doesn’t have your name on it.

Let’s look over three designs that you should know.

Flat Design


Many websites use a flat design because it looks good, simple, and appealing. Some people may wonder what is flat design since it isn’t a common term. To keep it straight forward, flat design means that you make the website look like an image on the screen without depth.

For example, some websites will add boxes that float over each other, making it look like there are multiple layers. Flat design focuses on keeping things simple and making it look like a single

image. It works well for websites since it draws attention without confusing the user with intricate designs.

3D Design


The 3D design takes the opposite approach to flat design. It focuses on making more complicated designs by using depth perception to trick the viewer. This is done by using shading and coloring to make a flat image appear like it is a 3D object. The 3D design allows designers to create believable and interesting creations.

You need to look over 3D trends because so many websites and businesses use them on their websites. While it looks beautiful when done correctly, it can turn out bad if you make mistakes. Spend some serious time learning about this style so that you can become better at it and design beautiful 3D creations that people will enjoy. This is why it is necessary to invest a lot of time in learning tricks of the trade, so to speak. Being good at what you do requires investing in your skills, so you can manipulate the tools the way you want to and deliver the result you had in mind.

Art Deco


Art Deco has grown in popularity due to its professional look. Many businesses want designs that look sharp and well done and Art Deco provides that for them. It uses sharp edges, a metal look, and brass colors to make it look solid, defined, and powerful. This makes it a wonderful option for business websites that want to establish that authority.

If you’re going to work as a web designer, then you need to know the designs that businesses like. They will pay you to create designs in an Art Deco style, so you should learn the style and how to use it in your designs. This will help you to know what clients want while making something that appeals to them.

In addition, minimalism is certainly the starting point for every web designer who is serious about making huge progress with his work. Keep it simple and you won’t go wrong. As your skills progress, you can start to add more details. Considering that the use of smartphones is our reality now, all the websites need to be mobile-friendly. Besides, setting chatbots is very important for providing good customer support. It is a very effective way to provide the help that the customers need without having people available all the time. Also, learning to use the colors well is the essence of being successful in this type of work.

The animation is also one of the elements that need to be used for improving the overall interactions and improving the appeal of the website. Micro animations need to be focused, functional, and well-made, in order to add a true value of the website. As you can see there are many things that a successful web designer needs to know to be able to deliver the wanted result. You need to improve your skills as you continue to study and learn the different trends that matter.

These three trends will teach you key principles and techniques that will help your designs to stay stylish and draw in attention, but a constant upgrade is necessary for achieving excellent results. Making extraordinary websites that amaze us with the style and the appeal is not easy, but it is not impossible to make them either. Believe in yourself and keep an open mind, so you can constantly learn and broaden your views.