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8 Tips on How To Mix And Match Knee-High Boots With Your Clothes

by Tracy Finke

Since the colder seasons have arrived, it is time to pull out the knee-high boots and combine them in various fits. Coming up with a clean style is something that we all strive for. Mixing and matching our existing pieces of clothing with new pairs of footwear shows that we can look immaculate during the winter as well.

You have surely seen many fits that the celebrities wear, and the wish to recreate them on your own is great. However, adapting their ideas to your style is something that makes an outfit personal, and it will look better on you.

Although you can combine the knee-high boots with literally everything, we have made this article with some ideas that you may want to try. We are being sure that you have most of the clothing pieces in your wardrobe already, so you won’t need to hurt your pockets to acquire them now.

1. Improving the mini skirt look

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The ability to look provocative but decent has never been easier with so many different pieces to choose from. The mini skirt gives that sensation of confidence, and it is a direct marker of a nice fit.

However, sometimes it may be too revealing or cold for such a piece. That is where the knee-high boots come into play. When you combine them with a mini skirt, not only that it makes you feel warmer, but the outfit looks better as well. In addition, you can top it off with a thick jumper and a coat to finish the whole fit.

2. Comfortable outfit

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Wearing knee-high boots does not have to be only when you are dressing up for something. They can be mixed and matched in comfortable outfits meant for regular activities.

Combining your leggings with the boots will keep the comfortability while making you look nice. In addition, combining that with a sweater will make your outfit look like the ones you have seen on the internet. Make sure that the colors match, and you will be good to go. The easiest way to do this is to put on the black leggings with the black boots. However, you can experiment on your own if you want to create contrasts.

3. Coming up with a single-color fit

A single-color fit can be done pretty easily in the colder seasons. Many people are going for the darker tones, but you can try out what suits you best. Since there are white boots, you can come up with a fit that attracts the eye of everyone around you.

Because of the weather, you can come up with a single-color fit with many layers that look great. Starting from the basic outfit, and combining a shirt, a coat, and a scarf afterward that makes a well-planned combination.

4. Matching them with a thicker dress

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The thicker dresses have become popular the recent years and it remains so this year as well. They are a sweater that is long enough to cover the thighs. When you match these dresses with a knee-high boot, you should be getting a complete fit that looks nice. Not only that you are being stylish, but you will also feel comfortable. This combination can be worn wherever you want, starting from visiting museums, to going on dates.

5. Longer shirt and boots combination

Another interesting fit is matching a longer shirt with knee-high boots. This combination offers a nice contrast if we take into consideration that you will be using a white button-down, with brown or black boots. If you open up dreampairshoes.com, you’ll see that this kind of match fits perfect.

For a bit of extra style, you can add a vested sweater on top of the shirt.

The boots that you will be choosing depends on the occasion you are dressing up. Since the shirt gives a casual look, combining that with a heeled boot will improve the style even more. If

6. Casual look with a long skirt

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Long or medium skirts are common to be seen in the colder seasons. While they cover most of your legs for warmness, they make you look fashionable at the same time.

When you add up the boots, you spice up the fit and make yourself look better, no matter the occasion you have chosen. You can try out the leather boots with a needle heel and a matching coat for an overall great combination.

7. Tucking jeans inside

One of the most common matches of the knee-highs is with pants tucked in inside. This gives you the possibility to combine colors and create a fit that will impress the others. The boots can be in the style that you usually enjoy. You can go with the flat ones, or you can put the ones with a thicker heel on.

If you want to give an impression like you are taller, going for the same color match will give you great results. But if you want to give contrast, or play with the colors better, you have that freedom.

The other pieces that come in combination can be various, and basically, everything looks nice when added to the pants and boots combo. You can go with a hoodie or a nice sweater for a cozy feel, or you can get a nice blouse or a shirt for a dress-up occasion. Depending on what have you chosen before, you can top it off with a coat, or even a puffer jacket for a more stylish look.

8. Mix it with a dress

Source: toptrendsguide.com

The last combination that we are going to cover in this article is the dress and boots combination. One of the greatest fits that you can do during autumn and winter. This is the best option if you want to pop color in your fit.

A flowy patterned dress, in a combination with heeled knee-highs, gives the impression like you know how to dress and how to combine the pieces that you have. It can be worn both for regular meetings with friends and more serious date nights. Basically, you are looking good no matter where you need to go.

Things to keep in mind

Since there are various models of knee-high boots, you should choose the ones that suit you better. Looking at a fit that someone else has worn, does not mean that it will suit you the same way as them. However, some models are universal and will be a great match for everyone looking to spice up their footwear during the colder months.

Don’t forget to match the colors nicely. If you want to get away from the usual monochromatic combination, inform yourself about which colors that you possess go well with each other.

Make sure that you do not cheap out on high-quality boots because you will be wearing them for a long time, since they are usually seasonal. This means that you will be able to rock all these combinations for many more years, and that is always a good thing.