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How to Start Getting Your Wardrobe Autumn-Ready

by Tracy Finke

It’s never too early to get your attire ready for Autumn. Depending on where you live, you may be currently in the depth of Summer and living in cool clothing and shorts. But even though the weather is all nice and sunny, there are still things you can do to get yourself ready for the orange and foggy months.

Where to even begin? Well, your fall wardrobe should consist of pieces that reflect the season’s textures, styles, and colors to create stylish looks. The essential must feature versatile and trendy clothing that keeps you warm and makes you feel comfortable and cute. That said, here are some simple ways you can start getting your wardrobe Autumn-ready:

It’s Inventory Time

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Every year we all spend money on season-fitting clothing, and over time we often forget what we have. The constant turnaround of our wardrobes means things get forgotten, never to be worn again. So, before you pump into the nearest shop and spend a fortune on new clothes for winter, take an inventory of what you already have.

Get through everything you have and reintroduce yourself to those items you had forgotten about. This may help you highlight any gaps within your Fall wardrobe and purchase only the essentials. In doing so, you will gain more space and even get yourself a nicely organized closet beforehand.

Have enough patience to iron and hang each attire on its own hanger as you sort through. It might pay to separate your essential holiday item from your everyday clothes.

Come Up with Cozy & Stylish Autumn Outfits

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Now that you know exactly what you have to wear, it’s time to get creative. Try as many items as possible and experiment with your clothing to create some outstanding outfits to wear in cooler weather. Note that the right autumn outfits should be made of fabrics that offer warmth and are designed to look great with countless outfits. Whether you’re having dinner with colleagues or going out for a date night, your autumn outfits need to be a welcome addition to your closet.

Some girls may want to pair knee-high boots with a short dress for a casual look, while others might prefer a sweater with skinny jeans, a long coat, and heels for an elegant look. Indoor warm clothes,  long sleeve nighties, or matching pajamas for the family which you can find here, shouldn’t be overlooked as Autumn is the season when our bodies start getting used to chilly temperatures according to This Is J.

With so many classic falls and additional items to consider, it can be challenging to organize your autumn wardrobe. However, to inspire you with outfit ideas, we’ve prepared a list of fall wardrobe essentials to love this season.

The Autumn Essentials:

  • Dark Jeans

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Dark jeans are the ideal item to help you transition into fall fashion. You can go with a neutral color like grey, black or deep indigo that you can easily pair with a flannel top. Want your jeans to be a more statement piece? Then add shades like tan, olive green, chocolate brown, burnt orange, or burgundy.

  • Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are still one of the most autumn-reliable yet stylish options for this season. You can easily pair them with a denim or cotton shirt dress with chunky heels or open-toed boots. As days get chiller, consider pairing the same dress with an oversized cardigan and thigh-high suede boots.

  • Cotton Sweater

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Need a comfy and stylish wardrobe essential during the fall months? If you do, choose a knit pattern you can purchase in multiple nuances. A beige or white sweater is a great transition piece you can style with any form of denim, while darker neutrals can be complemented with black leather leggings.

  • Leggings

They can be dressed up or down for a variety of attire choices. Leggings make an ideal choice for those who adhere to more casual and smart styles. You also combine them with an eye-grabbing shirt dress or chunky pullover and a warm coat.

Lastly, you will need to consider your footwear choice. Over-the-knee boats provide a sleek and sexy look, while velvet loafers are an easy-slip option.

  • Ankle Boots

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Who doesn’t love ankle boots? They’re a classic choice for the autumn season and can be a perfect addition to anyone’s closet. Ankle boots are easy to pair with a dress for an elegant look you can wear for a night out, or style your booties with a casual outfit that will look timeless. Choose dark neutral nuances like brown and black for a stylish staple.

  • Down Vests

In need of something fresh and warm? Then you should consider adding a down vest to your fall wardrobe. These precious items come in various colors, but you should stick to neutral colors if you want a piece that easily transitions between outfits. Tip: Avoid pairing your vest with dresses and skirts and stick with casual. Down vests are better styled with a light sweater, jeans or legging, and sneakers.

  • Blazer

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Blazer will always be an elegant choice, especially around the office. Opting for a double-breasted blazer will keep you warm and cozy, especially if it’s made out of the wool blend. To nail your outfit, consider matching houndstooth and plan patterns for an easy autumn look.

Still not ready for the Autumn? Consider adding new items.

Now that you’ve passed through every outfit your wardrobe could hold, it is time to work out what you need. Boots and shoes usually need to be replaced yearly. If your footwear is superior quality and only needs small fixes (like heels replaced), you can always look for a shoe repair shop.

The smartest (and budget-friendly) way to improve your wardrobe this season is to add new accessories to update your look. Ankle boots are a must during both Autumn and winter, and the best part is that they go with anything. With all these small upgrades, when the time comes to pull your pants and dresses, they will be ready and waiting for you.