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Mila Kunis Loves to Change Her Look

by Elsa Stringer

Famous young actress Mila Kunis always stays true to herself, but she does not shy away from changing her hair. She still has darker hair but has recently appeared rocking a new hairstyle. For one of her roles last year, she as again blonde, so it is more than clear she is not afraid of change.

Now however, she treated her Instagram followers to a selfie where she appears to have golden highlights that already seem to be the latest trend for the upcoming season.


Although not a significant change, everyone noticed it and she was flooded with positive and encouraging comments. At the premier of “Four Good Days” at the Sundance Festival, she showed up in an unformal relaxed look, but she was still as stunning and beautiful as always.

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Since her appearances on the red carpet are quite rear, the new hairstyle amazed everyone and the media had a field day.