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Michelle Pfeiffer Decorates Her $22.5 Million Property

by Nebojša Vujinović

Famous Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer, 67, and her husband, writer ad producer David E. Kelly, 64, purchased a stunning home in January. They paid $22.5 million for it, and they are finally ready to decorate it.

After three months, the Hollywood couple decided to renovate their new home. The actress was spotted at the property issuing orders about to the workers.

Source: Profimedia

Their stunning home looks incredible, and it has an enormous backyard with a stunning pool. It is located in Pacific Palisades, a luxurious residential neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Source: Profimedia

Two semi trucks were also spotted carrying something for their new home on a large trailer. It looked like some kind of plants for the yard, since her wish is to be surrounded with trees and flowers.

Source: Profimedia

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