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Michelle Obama Isn’t The Only First Lady Melania Trump Steals From

by Sinisav

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – 01/25/2020: Melania Trump and plagiarism go hand in hand. Every now and then, she gets accused of copying someone or something. The first time when people noticed Melania’s likeness for other people’s things was when she was giving her first public speech. The public accused her of stealing parts of Michelle Obama’s speech.

Melania founded her Be Best foundation, which was also inspired by the former first lady. If you don’t recall, Michelle Obama called for everyone to be better when she was guesting at Oprah Winfrey Show.

Melania Trump

Source: politicalflare.com

But, ideas and words aren’t the only things that Melania loves to borrow from other people. According to Political Flare magazine, she stole her idea for Donald Trump’s inauguration from yet another first lady. The one in question this time was Jackie Kennedy. Their attires are almost identical from shoes to the hat.

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Three years ago, Melania sported a blue Ralph Lauren dress, which was dead similar to Jackie’s in design. The colors differ as Ms. Kennedy was wearing pink while the current first lady went with blue shade. This was also one of the rare occasions that she wore something from a US designer.

The part that attracts eyes the most, and screams similarity is the part around the neck. In that area, the dress Melania has is almost a replica of the one Jackie Kennedy had in the past.

You would believe that considering how much Donald Trump loves to criticize Barack Obama and his politics, they would keep themselves as far from him and Michelle Obama as they could. But, with every passing day, it seems they are copying them more and more.

We can only hope that if Donald Trump secures another term in the White House, they will bring some ideas of his own. In the case of the first lady, we are not sure that she has the capacity to do so. At least she didn’t show it so far.

Source: ibtimes.com